Alarm incident appeals

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When the Alarms Division receives a responding police officer's incident report that says the incident was avoidable, the permit holder will receive a notice of a false alarm incident.

An alarm company will be fined whenever a representative calls for response to an alarm call for a location without a valid permit or gives an incorrect or expired permit number.

Appeal online

Step 1.Appeal an alarm incident

The alarm permit user and companies have 30 days from the date of notice to file an appeal. Appeals must be submitted online and detail justification for the appeal.

Supporting documentation can be provided on appeal. If no documentation is provided, your appeal is much more likely to be rejected.

See "Supporting documentation" below for examples. 

In Denver's Online Permitting and Licensing Center:

  • Under Business/Occupational, Short-Term and Residential Rental Licensing, click "Apply New."
  • Select "Alarm Incident Appeal" as the type of license you want to get and click "Continue Application."  
  • Read the introduction page and click "Continue."

This will begin the appeal process. 

View the alarm incident appeal guide(PDF, 396KB) for detailed steps on beginning an appeal.

Step 2.City application review and next steps

The Alarms Division tries to conduct a review of a complete application within 14 business days. You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal via email. 

Supporting documentation to be provided on appeal could be more police reports, evidence of power outages, insurance claims, and photographs of damage to the property. The Alarms Division supervisor will determine whether to grant the appeal with occasional consultation with the director.

If an alarm user is out of town and has a succession of false alarms caused by malfunctioning equipment, proof of repair and of the alarm user's absence must be provided. Acceptable proof includes copies of airplane tickets, gas receipts, notice to start delivery of mail, or charge card receipts.