Retail food mobile license - food truck or food cart

Starting July 27, 2023, all food licenses will only be processed through Denver's Permitting and Licensing Center. After this date, any current license holder who is renewing their license must apply for a "new" license (not a "renewal" license), as the new system will not have a record of their current license. During this transition, the one-time application fee for new applications will be waived for existing licensees, but the license fee will still apply.

An establishment that sells or serves food to consumers that reports and operates from a commissary and is readily moveable, such as a truck or cart. Examples include a mobile food truck that travels to different locations, moveable hot dog stand that sets up on a periodic basis, or other food carts or pushcarts that are wheeled and towed to a specific location. Please note that Retail Mobile Food Licenses have restrictions on where they can park, set up, and operate. Additional permits for parking and specific locations may be required.

Commissary operation guide(PDF, 112KB)

Mobile Food Truck Map of Restricted Areas in Downtown Denver

Retail food handling examples(PDF, 204KB)

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