Denver Announces Changes to Signage Requirements for Private Parking

Published on April 18, 2023

In response to a surge in complaints from consumers about a lack of transparency and expensive penalties, the City and County of Denver announced changes today to signage requirements for licensed private parking operators. Beginning June 12, 2023, the following information must be clearly included on posted signs:

  • Fine and citation amounts associated with violating the terms of the parking lot/garage. For example, all potential penalties for parking over the reserved time or parking without payment.
  • The business license number (BFN).
  • Contact information to dispute penalties for violation.
  • The address of the parking lot.
  • Specifics of payment instructions. This includes:
    • Making it clear if the customer must place a payment stub on the dashboard.
    • Whether there is a limited grace period.
    • Whether a customer will be charged for driving through. And
  • Instructions for the customer if the payment kiosk is not working.

The Denver Department of Excise and Licenses is announcing these required changes almost two months in advance of the date to allow licensed private parking operators the time necessary to get in compliance with these updated guidelines. The Department is also providing a template(DOCX, 74KB) to licensed parking operators that they may choose to use

"Automated enforcement technology used by private parking operators has improved in recent years and has resulted in an increase in citations issued to consumers and complaints received by the city," said Molly Duplechian, Executive Director of the Department of Excise and Licenses. "Our goal is to increase accountability for the parking lot license holders and transparency for consumers as they decide where to park in Denver. We want to help consumers better understand the financial penalties imposed for not paying for parking or parking over the allotted time paid and be armed with more information for any civil financial disputes that occur."

All private parking lots or garages are required to be licensed in the City and County of Denver. Parking operators who are not licensed or do not comply with city laws are subject to enforcement action. Licensed operators can have their license revoked or suspended for violating city laws.

More information about city private parking regulations and licensing can be found on the city private parking business license website. There are currently 224 active parking lot/garage licenses issued in the City and County of Denver.