Public Hearings

The Department holds many types of public hearings. Some of these hearings address applications for liquor, cabaret, or marijuana business licenses. Sometimes a hearing is required if a liquor or marijuana business wants to move or sell to a new owner. If an application is denied, an applicant may also request an appeal hearing. Finally, the Department can hold disciplinary hearings, called "show cause" hearings, when licensees are suspected of violating the law.

Many of the hearings are open to the public. A public hearing schedule is available below.

View the schedule of public hearings for Liquor and Marijuana licenses

Hearing Policies and Procedures

All hearings held by the Department of Excise and Licenses are governed by the Department's Hearing Policies and Procedures. These Policies and Procedures supplement state statutes, municipal ordinances, and agency rules. They are meant to be a guide to help applicants and members of the public navigate public hearings.

The Hearing Policies and Procedures contain important information about:

  • How to contact the Department and request certain records;
  • Standard procedures to follow before, during, and after hearings;
  • Procedures and deadlines for needs and desires hearings;
  • License-specific information for liquor, cabaret, and marijuana license hearings;
  • How to request an appeal hearing if your license application is denied; and
  • Standard protocol for disciplinary ("show cause") hearings.

The Department recently announced some changes to the Hearing Policies and Procedures. These changes include:

  • Provisions allowing for virtual participation in hearings;
  • Revised deadlines to increase flexibility for parties in interest; and
  • New sections addressing common consumption area licenses; and
  • Adding hospitality licenses to Article XIV - Hearings for new medical and retail marijuana store licenses, retail hospitality licenses and retail hospitality and store licenses.

Please note that the two memos makes changes to Articles 1 and 2 of the Hearing Policies and Procedures. These changes override the original provisions in the Hearing Policies and Procedures. If you are preparing for a hearing for a new medical and retail marijuana store license, a retail hospitality license or a retail hospitality and store license, please be sure the read all three documents.