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Claims Against the City & County of Denver

If you believe that the City & County of Denver or any of its employees has injured you or damaged your property, Colorado Law (C.R.S. § 24-10-109) requires you to file a written Notice of Claim before you can file a lawsuit. This page provides information about the filing process, and the option to file a Notice of Claim electronically by completing our online form.

You will not be able to sue the City & County of Denver unless your claim is filed within 182 days of the date on which you claim to have been injured or damaged. You may complete and file your claim yourself; however, the legal process is complex, and you may want to hire private legal counsel to represent you. The City Attorney’s Office represents the city and cannot give you legal advice.

If you file a notice of claim, the City Attorney’s Office will initiate an investigation. Most investigations take 6-8 weeks to complete, although that will vary depending on the circumstances of your claim. If that investigation shows that the city or its employee is at fault for your damages, and the city is not protected by governmental immunity, you may be offered reimbursement. For property damage, reimbursement is based upon the fair market value of damaged items, discounted for depreciation. The city does not pay full replacement value for damaged property.

You may want to contact your own insurance company about coverage. If your insurance company believes that the city is liable, it will settle the claim with you and then seek reimbursement from the city.

If you do not wish to complete the online form here, you may instead mail or deliver a Notice of Claim to:

Claims Dept., City Attorney’s Office
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 1108
Denver, CO 80202

For further information or to ask questions, call the City Attorney’s Office at 720-913-3274.

A notice of claim must contain the following information:

  •  The name and address of the person making the claim and the name and address of that person’s attorney, if any. (While not required, it is suggested that you provide a contact phone number and email address so that we can more quickly respond.)
  • A concise statement of the factual basis of the claim, including the date, time, place and circumstances of the act, omission, or event which is the basis of the claim.
  • The name and address of any public employee involved, if known. (Please indicate if you believe the employee was personally responsible for the damage or merely knows about the circumstances.)
  • A concise statement of the nature and extent of damages claimed to have been suffered.
  • A statement of the amount of monetary damages being requested. (Copies of bills establishing costs incurred or at least two estimates relating to such damages are not required but make it much easier to favorably evaluate a claim.)


Click here to view form.

Once the Notice of Claim has been submitted you will receive communication from the assigned claims adjustor with a claim reference number, next steps and contact information.

Questions? Call 720-913-3274.  Please be advised that City employees cannot provide legal advice or assist you in filing your claim.