Civil Litigation

10th Circuit Court of Appeals

The Civil Litigation Section represents the City, City officials, and City employees in a variety of lawsuits, including torts and civil rights actions.  Civil Litigation attorneys also provide training, advice, and opinions regarding existing policies, practices and laws to City Departments and Agencies.

The Civil Litigation Section is also responsible for managing and investigating all claims made against the City, except for claims involving Denver International Airport and Human Services, who have their own claim teams.  Together, the civil litigation and claims team represent the City and County of Denver in approximately 120 lawsuits and over 600 claims annually.

  • We provide high-quality legal services and timely handle a large volume of high-profile lawsuits, including cases challenging City policies and procedures and those involving the City’s safety agencies.
  • We handle all stages of the litigation process including motions practice, discovery, trials, and appeals and practice in all levels of state and federal courts.
  • We provide legal counsel to City agencies and departments, including assisting with risk assessment and management.
  • We investigate and manage the majority of claims filed by individuals seeking monetary compensation from the City.