Human Services Legal Services

Woman reading to a child

The attorneys of the Human Services Section dedicate their careers to strengthening our community through support of our most vulnerable populations, including at-risk children and adults. As in-house counsel for the Denver Department of Human Services, we advise, train, and represent the Department in its mission to protect and ensure the support of children, stabilize families, and achieve permanent solutions that are in the best interests of children and youth. Our attorneys support the internal framework of the Department of Human Services through the employment law and claims unit, providing access to public records, and prosecuting fraud. We advise the Career Service Board, the Civil Service Commission, the Welfare Reform Board, and the Denver Human Services Board.

  • Represent the Denver Department of Human Services in dependency or neglect actions to protect children and stabilize families
  • Establish paternity and child support obligations
  • Ascertain legal guardianship for incapacitated adults
  • Prosecute welfare fraud and abuse
  • Represent the Denver Department of Human Services in employment law and other civil cases