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What is "discovery?"

Discovery - requesting documents as a defendant in a court case

Discovery is a defendant’s right to get copies of the police report(s), photos, video, audio, etc., used in the prosecution of the case. Discovery does not include records and documentation maintained by other agencies or City Attorney work product.

A defendant or defendant’s legal counsel (who has submitted an Entry of Appearance) may request discovery in one of three formats:

  • Download
  • Digital
  • Paper


How do I request discovery?

To request discovery in a digital or paper format, you may call 720.913.8050, or fax 720.913.8011.  In your request, please specify if you would like printed or digital copies. Once the discovery copies are made, you will be contacted to pick-up discovery and notified of the cost. See the cost schedule and pick-up instructions below.

To request eDiscovery (documents you can download), please click on the Prosecution eDiscovery/prosecution link below.

Discovery will ONLY be provided to the defendant, the attorney of record, or an authorized agent. Defense Counsel must provide an Entry of Appearance before discovery will be released. If a defendant has hired an attorney or been approved for the public defender, discovery will only be provided to the attorney. Authorized agents must bring a signed release providing authority for them to pick-up discovery.

For traffic cases, please see “Traffic Discovery” below.

Request Records

How much does it cost to get discovery?

  • Downloaded  (eDiscovery) is $20.  To download discovery, follow the instructions below.
  • Digital discovery (with all case information loaded on a CD or DVD) is $20 per disc.
  • Printed (paper) discovery is $25, which will include any CDs or DVDs required.

Please note that ONLY checks, money orders payable to the Manager of Finance, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Where do I pick up the discovery / documents?

To download discovery, see the eDiscovery steps outlined below.

To pick up digital or paper discovery, note that the Prosecution and Code Enforcement Office is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

We are located at:

Wellington Webb Building, 12th floor
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80202 

Please be advised that this building does not offer any free parking to the public. Metered on-street parking is available, as are several hourly-fee parking lots.  


How do I pay for the documents?

ONLY checks, money orders payable to the Manager of Finance, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.  We do not accept cash.  

To download discovery, be prepared to pay with a VISA or MasterCard.

Traffic Discovery: How do I get discovery in my traffic case?

Discovery can only be requested in cases set for trial. All other cases are kept at the Denver County Court and not available for discovery, no exceptions.

Cases set for final hearing, instead of trial, are not entitled to discovery. The contents of the file will be available for viewing on the date of the final hearing under Rule 15 of the Local Rules for Traffic Infractions.

To request discovery in a traffic case set for trial, follow the steps outlined above (“How do I request discovery”).

I am a victim in a criminal case. How do I get a copy of the police report or other documents?

If you are a victim or witness in a criminal case and you want information about that case, please call our office at 720.913.8050 and ask to fill out a Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act request. This request may be submitted by phone, or it may be mailed, e-mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered. You may or may not be entitled to receive the information you want; if you are not entitled to the information, you will receive an explanation for the denial. There may also be a cost for the paper copies provided.