Commission Rules



Rule Number Rule Title Effective Date Annotations Updated
Rule 1(PDF, 394KB) Definitions 6-11-2020 4-15-2011
Rule 2(PDF, 61KB) Organization 12-12-2005 12-12-2005
Rule 3(PDF, 431KB)

Qualifications for Application and Original


6-11-2020 12-19-2014
Rule 4(PDF, 38KB) Applications for Original Appointment 12-05-2000 6-30-2005
Rule 5(PDF, 202KB)

Examination, Screening and Other Requirements

for Original Appointment

6-11-2020 12-23-2008
Rule 6(PDF, 175KB) Promotional Exams and Requirements 5-24-2005 12-23-2008
Rule 7(PDF, 166KB) Examination Lists and Eligible Registers 11-01-2007 12-23-2008
Rule 8(PDF, 54KB) Requisition, Certification and Appointment 8-15-2005 8-15-2005
Rule 9(PDF, 57KB) Probation 6-01-2005 12-23-2008
Rule 10(PDF, 57KB) Classified Service Ranks and Grades 5-24-2005 6-30-2005
Rule 11(PDF, 66KB)

Reduction in Force, Leave of Absence

Resignation, Reemployment, Return to Duty

12-27-1998 6-30-2005
Rule 12(PDF, 377KB)

Disqualification and Disciplinary Appeals, Hearings

and Procedures

Rule 13(PDF, 45KB) Records and Reports 4-23-1998 6-30-2005
Rule 14(PDF, 81KB) Hearing Officer Selection and Qualifications 7-17-2015 8-08-2012
Rule 15(PDF, 71KB) Examinations 2-19-2005 6-30-2005
Rule 16(PDF, 47KB) Public Safety Cadets 4-23-1998 6-30-2005
Rule 17(PDF, 44KB) Original Appointment - Special Categories 5-24-2005 6-30-2005
Rule 18(PDF, 19KB) Validity of Rules 4-23-1998 6-30-2005

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