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Job Postings can be found on the following link below -  click link and then enter title of job i.e. entry-level police, firefighter, etc. and click search:

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Firefighter Applicants: The application is currently Closed.

For more information visit: Becoming a Firefighter

Police Officer Applicants: The application is currently OPEN.

For more information visit: Becoming A Police Officer

EMT Applicants: The application is OPEN.

For more information visit: Becoming an EMT.(PDF, 603KB)

LATERAL Positions:

In State and Out of State Lateral Police testing:

The In State application is currently OPEN.

The Out of State application is currently OPEN.

For more information visit: Lateral Police Officer

Lateral Firefighter: The application is currently CLOSED.

For more information visit: Lateral Firefighter


Fire Mechanic: The application is currently OPEN. Please Click Here.

This will open July 17th - August 18th

Read the full Job Description(PDF, 116KB)

Mechanic Announcement(PDF, 213KB)

Mechanic Booklet 2023(PDF, 572KB)

Fire Systems Technical Specialist - Electrician: The application is currently CLOSED.   

Read the job announcement: FSTS Electrician(DOCX, 27KB)  For more information visit: FSTS Informational Booklet(DOCX, 194KB)

Fire Assistant Master Mechanic: The Application is Closed.

Read the full Job Description