Become an Election Judge


photo of elections workers providing service
photo of elections workers providing service
photo of elections workers providing service
photos of elections workers providing service and support

Make an impact in your community.

Election judges serve an important role in ensuring Denver's elections are safe, secure and accurate. They perform a wide variety of tasks that include assisting voters, verifying information and processing ballots.

Earn income and experience.

All assignments are paid between $18.50 and $23 per hour. Election judges receive paid training from the Denver Elections Division and gain a wealth of knowledge about civic engagement and the electoral process.

Serve in a variety of roles:

Voter Service and Polling Centers

Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) are located throughout the City and County of Denver. Positions include:

  • Support Judge (assists voters)
  • Voting Tech (assists with voting equipment)
  • Registration Judge (assists with voter registration and issues ballots)
  • Supervisor (lead election judge at VSPCs)
  • Contingency Election Judge (may fill in for any assignment)

Ballot Processing

Election judges assigned to the ballot processing rooms at the Denver Elections Division main office receive, verify, prepare and count ballots. Hours may vary depending on workload. These positions require as much scheduling flexibility as possible. 

Ballot processing positions include:

  • Ballot Receiving (lifting, repetitive movements)
  • Signature Verification (excellent computer skills)
  • Ballot Preparation (lifting, repetitive movements)
  • Ballot Counting (excellent computer skills, attention to detail)

Want to know more about ballot processing? Take a virtual tour.

Other Positions

Election judges may also be assigned to support the Denver Elections Division's main office downtown. Positions include:

  • Voter Registration (data entry)
  • Front Counter/3-1-1 (customer service)
  • Ballot Security (operating a vehicle, lifting)
  • Mobile Vote Center 
  • Trainer/Field Representative (experienced, trains incoming workers)


Election judges must:

  • Be United States citizens
  • Be registered to vote in Colorado
  • Pass a Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background check.
  • Complete the onboarding process, including paperwork, orientation and training
  • Be able to work all assigned dates and hours
  • Have never been convicted of any election offense or fraud
  • Not have a family member (to the 2nd degree) on the ballot

How to Apply

Fill out the Election Judge Interest Form, email us at, or call 720-865-4968.

If you are a high school student, see the Student Election Judge Program section for requirements and application instructions.

Civic Engagement Opportunity: 
Student Election Judge Program

Engage in a real world service learning opportunity

Working an election is a hands-on way to learn about democracy while earning an income. Students are trained by the Denver Elections Division and work alongside experienced election judges at one of many vote centers across the city or at the Division's main office downtown.

Both students and teachers benefit

Student election judges get paid for their time and effort while gaining valuable knowledge and insight on the electoral process.

Teachers can support curricula on how democracy depends on citizen participation, election laws, and how votes are processed.

View Denver's Student Election Judge Program brochure(PDF, 14MB) for more information.


In addition to training, students learn from experienced election judges in a variety of roles. Different job assignments include:

  • Voter assistance
  • Ballot processing
  • Departmental support

Assignments are typically a few days in length.


Student election judges must:

  • Be United States citizens
  • Be 16 years of age or older, currently attending high school or home school as a junior or senior
  • Be in good academic standing as determined by school officials
  • Have parent or legal guardian consent
  • Be willing and able to serve their assignment
  • Be able to attend election training
  • Have never been convicted of any election offense or fraud
  • Not have a family member (to the 2nd degree) on the ballot
  • Complete the student election judge onboarding process

How to Apply

1. Download the Student Election Judge Application(PDF, 547KB) and fill it out.

2. The student, a parent/guardian, and a school official must fill out and sign the application and permission slip.

3. Return the completed application to the Denver Elections Division (Attn: Election Judge Coordinator) via:

Mail: Denver Elections Division, 200 W. 14th Avenue, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80204

Apply early! There are a limited number of student election judge positions.

Have questions about the program? Call us at 720-865-4968.