About Our Office

Mayor Michael Hancock and the Denver City Council created the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency to manage the City's ambitious emission reduction goals and sustainability programs in collaboration with fellow departments, other units of government, and community partners.

The office ensures that the City's targets are aligned with current climate science, promotes the role that climate action and sustainability play in strengthening Denver's economic vitality and a prosperous future for all residents and businesses, and embraces equity as a value and practice in all of its work.


CASR's mission is to:

  • Act with urgency to proactively mitigate climate change by advancing science-based strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a scale and timeline that align with the recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change;
  • Cultivate resiliency in the face of potential climate change-related emergencies;
  • Secure an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable city for generations to come; and
  • Ensure that the setting of goals and metrics and monitoring of results considers equity


CASR grounds its work in the following vision statements:

  • All people deserve affordable access to the resources needed to achieve a high quality of life.
  • We embrace citizen action and collaborate with communities to ensure environmental justice, equity, and affordability.
  • Denver is a leader in clean and local energy that comes from the sun, wind, or other innovative renewable technologies.
  • Denver is transforming buildings and homes into high-performing, healthy places to live, work, learn, and play and providing the necessary resources for local businesses to achieve their sustainability goals every day.
  • Mobility options in Denver allow people to efficiently walk, bike, take transit, or carpool for most trips in a safe, accessible, and affordable transportation network.
  • Residents have a direct connection to the natural environment and participate in caring for it for current and future generations.
  • Denver should strive to create a circular economy, where all materials and natural resources are preserved, reused, recycled or repurposed.