Electrification Feasibility Reports

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Denver requires new paperwork for gas equipment permits for commercial and multifamily buildings. Quick permits are no longer used in this process. You will need to provide extra information to the city. Most permits will go through the full review process. The Electrification Feasibility Report is one option you have to meet this new rule.

Resources for Contractors 

Who Does this Apply To?

This applies to all existing commercial and multifamily buildings in Denver. The Denver Energy Code Commercial Provisions regulate these buildings. This includes commercial buildings, multifamily apartment buildings, and multifamily condominium buildings.

Single-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, and townhomes are not subject to these rules. If you are not sure whether this rule applies to you, email atarchstruc.review@denvergov.org.

What is an Electrification Feasibility Report?

The EFR helps you assess the practicality and cost of switching from gas to electric equipment. 

It will tell you:  

  • The estimated energy consumption of the gas and electric replacement systems
  • The estimated energy and carbon savings for switching to an electric system
  • The estimated energy bills with the gas and electric replacement systems
  • The estimated costs for installing a replacement gas and electric system

You can use the EFR to make an informed choice about whether to convert your building's heating and cooling systems to electric. You will find out whether it is cost-effective compared to a like-for-like gas system.

Filling Out the Electrification Feasibility Report

Some building owners may be able to complete the report on their own. However, most owners will need to work with a contractor, engineer, or energy consultant. The professional you work with will provide information about: 

  • The types and costs of both gas and electric replacement equipment
  • Your utility rate structure
  • Site-specific information on electrical, ductwork, or space constraints 

Denver hosted in-person trainings for service providers. The training showed them how to fill out an EFR. A recorded version of this training is now available to watch on-demand.

If you are looking for someone to complete an EFR for you, refer to the list of contractors who completed the training. These contractors are not preferred, and we have not vetted their work. They have attended our training and passed our comprehension quiz.

We have incentives to help offset the cost of completing an EFR.

Submitting the Electrification Feasibility Report 

Submitting your EFR to the city is easy.

  1. Your contractor or facilities staff will complete the report in the online tool
  2. Denver will review and approve the report you submit
  3. Your service provider will receive a PDF copy of the report
  4. The service provider will attach this PDF report to the online permit application