Healthy Homes Program

Boy fixing thermostat

Denver has partnered with BlocPower and Energy Outreach Colorado to launch the Healthy Homes Program. With the Healthy Homes Program, 100 low- to moderate-income households in multifamily residences and 100 single-family low- to moderate-income homes will have access to affordable building upgrades. In addition, there are cash incentives to replace gas appliances with electric induction stoves and heat pump heating and cooling systems specifically designed for cold climate performance. These improvements deliver health and economic benefits to families throughout Denver that need them most.  

Program benefits:

  • Free test of your home's air quality
  • Free advice from experts and recommendations for improvements
  • Free upgrades that address any identified home air quality problems
  • Step-by-step support during the installation process
  • Improved air quality and a safer home
  • Lower pollution and lower impact on climate change 


You may qualify for this program if all of the following are true: 

  • Someone in your household has a breathing condition
  • You live in the City and County of Denver
  • You rent or own a single-family home, townhome, duplex, or mobile home
  • Your household has a total income at or below 80% of Average Median Income.  


Questions about the Program?