Rebates for Renewables

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Solar Rebates

If you already have a heat pump or heat pump water heater installed in your home and you’re ready for solar, you can work with a registered contractor(PDF, 242KB) to reserve a solar rebate through our Climate Action Rebate program. You can receive a rebate of $1 per watt, up to $4,000 for your solar project. Additional funding is available if your household makes less than 80% of area median income

Learn more about Climate Action Rebates

Battery Storage 

Battery storage pairs well with solar and can replace a backup gas generator, allowing you to keep essential devices operating during power outages.  

If you’re interested in installing a battery, the Climate Action Rebate program will provide $500. This rebate assists with the cost of hiring a licensed electrician and installing a new battery system. You are eligible for an increased rebate of $2,750 through the Climate Action Rebate program if you already have a heat pump, a heat pump water heater, or a bidirectional EV charger installed in your home. 

You can work with any of our registered contractors to install this equipment.