Energize Denver Awards and Case Studies


Energize Denver Awards 2021

The Energize Denver Awards stem from the benchmarking ordinance as a way to recognize and promote the accomplishments of building owners and managers who operate buildings covered by the ordinance.  

We announced three new award categories for the 2021 Energize Denver benchmarking year: Electrification, Community Leadership, and Energy-Saving Retrofit! These categories were open to all buildings in compliance with the benchmarking ordinance. 

Congratulations to our 2021 Energize Denver Award Winners!

Energy-Saving Retrofit

1st Place: Park Central


Park Central replaced HVAC controls, repaired air handler fans and motors, installed new chillers and replaced hot water pumps and motors.

2nd Place: The Alliance Center


The Alliance Center installed a bidirectional electric vehicle charger and advanced software technology to serve the building during peak demand periods.

Renewable Heating & Cooling

1st Place: La Tela Condominiums


La Tela Condominiums was built with electrification in mind. All cooking and heating in the building is electric and they also have on site solar.

Community Leadership

1st Place: Fusion Studios


Fusion Studios, formerly the Quality Inn and Suites was renovated to house 139 persons experiencing homelessness.

2nd Place (tie): Food Bank of the Rockies


Food Bank of the Rockies distributed over 108 million pounds of food and also served as a vaccination center.

2nd Place (tie): Denver Art Museum


The Denver Art Museum provided art packages to local teachers, implemented a hybrid model to provide content, and provided additional safety measures to create a safe space for the community.

Winners will also be featured in the annual Energize Denver Awards Supplement in CREJ’s Property Management Quarterly in January 2022. 

Overview of Award Categories 

Energy-Saving Retrofit: Saving money is at the top of every building owner's mind; which is why energy retrofits have become an increasingly popular method for building owners to reduce operating costs while reaping additional social and environmental gains. This award category recognizes buildings that have undertaken a major retrofit affecting multiple building systems or components.  

Renewable Heating & Cooling (Electrification): Electrification is at the forefront of Denver's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This category showcases buildings that have recently converted to all electric, installed a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system, or converted space or water heating/cooling to electric.  

Community Leadership: Communities are often strengthened in times of need or when faced with adversity. This award category recognizes buildings that have positively impacted their community over the past year.  

Case Studies

The following case study buildings are leading the way in improving energy efficiency. Learn how buildings are staying ahead of the curve and seeing an attractive return on investments in energy efficiency. 

If you have recently undertaken or completed an energy efficiency project, we want to hear about it! Write a case study about your project or send suggestions to energizedenver@denvergov.org.