Energize Denver Awards and Case Studies

2022 Energize Denver Awards

Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency is now accepting applications for the 2022 Energize Denver Awards! We want to celebrate buildings leading the way with energy savings, heat pumps, and equity. Applications are now closed. Check back soon for an announcement on the winning buildings!

Heat Pumps

This category recognizes buildings that are using heat pumps for space or water heating. 

Energy Efficiency

This category recognizes commercial, industrial or multifamily buildings in Denver that have undertaken measures to save energy. 

Equitable Community Impact

Buildings that excel in this category are enabling equity and community leadership. These buildings serve underserved or historically marginalized groups while saving energy and/or using heat pumps for space and water heating.   

Smart Leasing

Smart Leasing aligns the interests of tenants and landlords to improve the energy performance and health of rented spaces. This can include special lease language, activities together, or education. 

Case Studies

The following case study buildings are leading the way in improving energy efficiency. Learn how buildings are staying ahead of the curve and seeing an attractive return on investments in energy efficiency. 

If you have recently undertaken or completed an energy efficiency project, we want to hear about it! Write a case study about your project or send suggestions to energizedenver@denvergov.org.