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The Energize Denver Requirements is a building performance policy that aims to cut down carbon emissions in Denver. Below are funded incentive programs and financing options to help buildings meet requirements.

Existing Building Electrification Pilot Projects 

If your commercial or large multifamily building needs new hot water and space heating equipment in the next three years, we want to hear from you. We’re launching an incentive program to cover the costs of these energy efficiency retrofits.

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When will funding be available for pilots?

Pilots for heat pump replacements will start in fall of 2022, but building owners can sign up now to see if your project is eligible.

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Who is developing this program?

Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR) is funding this project. CASR is working with Michaels Energy, Center for Energy and the Environment, ZoZo Group and Bilingual Communication Services. This team will design, manage, and facilitate incentives for electrification feasibility reports and heat pump installations.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Building owners, property managers, and other representatives of commercial or multifamily buildings with five or more units may sign up to participate in the pilot. The property owner will need to approve the project before the planning and design processes.

When will additional funding be available for incentives or rebates?

CASR will announce incentives for heat pump equipment in the spring of 2023. Lessons learned from the pilots will inform the incentive offerings and requirements

How much funding will be available for a pilot project and how can it be used?

The program and funding allocation for each project will be developed in in the fall of 2022, but funding for each pilot will at minimum cover the increased cost of installing heat pump compared to the replacement cost of a similar natural gas system. This includes:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Electrification Feasibility Reports
  • Materials
  • Installation cost beyond what a building owner would need to fund to replace the existing equipment with similar natural gas equipment.

How can non-building owners participate?

Tenants and community-based organizations are important advocates for changes and can forward the Existing Building Electrification Pilot Program Application to property managers and owners.

Steam-to-Electric Conversion Incentive Program

Denver is offering financial incentives to encourage buildings to disconnect from steam and electrify their natural gas systems. The goal of this program is to reduce emissions from participating buildings. Funding makes it affordable to choose electrification over natural gas. Benefits include:

  • Reduce your building's fossil fuel consumption 
  • Reduce your building and Denver's greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Improve indoor air quality by removing natural gas equipment

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