Webinar Library: High Performance Buildings and Homes

Welcome to the High Performance Buildings and Homes Webinar Library! Buildings and homes account for 64% of greenhouse gas emissions in Denver. The city's goal is to transition to net zero by 2040. Resources are available to help the buildings and homes community exchange ideas and learn from one another. 

Webinar Library

Paying for Commercial Building Upgrades: C-PACE

Video Length: 55 Mins

Boulder Commons Case Study: All-Electric, Cost-Effective

Video Length: 1 Hour

Energize Denver Ordinance Overview

Video Length: 47 Minutes

Electrification Case Study: La Tela High Rise Multifamily Webinar

Video Length: 59 Minutes

View Giv's mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans, as mentioned in the presentation.


Electrifying New Multifamily Water Heating Webinars

Video Length: 55 Minutes

Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan Technical Briefing

Video Length: 55 Minutes

Updating the Design Process for Successful Net Zero Energy Buildings in Denver

Video Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

2020 Energize Denver Awards

Video Length: 6 Minutes

Denver's Smart Leasing Program

Video Length: 48 Minutes


Outside Resources

Colorado Energy Code Training Series - Colorado Energy Office

In order to assist jurisdictions with code adoption, the Colorado Energy Office provides energy code education at no cost to building departments and stakeholders.

Video Length: 57 Minutes


EPA Portfolio Manager and Other Trainings

Learn how to use EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

Webinar Library 

Building Code Webinar Series - U.S. Department of Energy

The Department of Energy's Building Energy Codes Program conducted a series of virtual seminars featuring a collection of timely and emerging topics pertinent to residential and commercial buildings.

Webinar Library

Getting to Net Zero Energy: What You Need to Know About Building Electrification to Meet Denver’s Climate Goals - Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Institute hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring building electrification experts and developers. Learn what these requirements include, how new construction can be designed to comply with these standards, and the lessons that developers and property owners are learning as they decarbonize the built environment.

Video: Getting to Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy For Developers Training Series

Created by the Urban Land Institute and edited into short clips for the City and County of Denver to support net zero energy development.

Net Zero Class 1  

Net Zero Class 2  

Net Zero Class 3  

Net Zero Class 4  

Net Zero Class 5