Webinar Library: High Performance Buildings and Homes

Welcome to the High Performance Buildings and Homes Webinar Library! Here you will find presentations, virtual trainings, and online events that will help you stay up-to-date with rules, policies, and best practices. As we move to a Net Zero Energy city, these resources will provide hours of learning to help you improve the buildings you own, manage, or occupy.

Webinar Library

Let's Get Cooking Part 1 with Chef Mark

Celebrity Chef Mark Kalix discusses the benefits and quirks of cooking with an electric induction cooktop. He answers audience questions, including how fast you can boil water, how much you can expect to spend on an induction cooktop for your home, and why he thinks it's the best choice for nearly every application. Follow along while Chef Mark prepares a simple stir fry on his cooktop and learn some cooking skills as well.

2023 Energize Denver Ordinance Overview

Daniel Raynor from the City and County of Denver discusses the Energize Denver Performance Requirements for existing commercial and multifamily buildings. This webinar covers background information on the ordinance, a discussion of equity, benchmarking, performance requirements, and electrification requirements, information on support and incentives, and next steps.

2022 Energize Denver Award Winner: 700 Broadway

Please join us to learn about how this year's energy efficiency winner achieved 50% reduction in energy use between 2019 and 2021. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Colorado reduced energy use through various building operations and technology improvements. Speakers include: Charles Ritz, Amber Sells, and Adam Rustige.


2022 Energize Denver Award Winner: 1875 Lawrence, Unico Properties

Join us in celebrating this year's winner in the Heat Pumps Category, Unico Properties' 1875 Lawrence. This all-electric Class A mixed-use office building is LEED and Fitwel certified. Speakers include: Edmée Knight, Rich Wren, Jessy Aghababian, and Adam Knoff.

2022 Energize Denver Summit: Performance Requirements

Learn about the Energize Denver Performance Requirements and how building owners, property managers, and energy consultants are getting ready to comply. Speakers include Sharon Jaye from the City and County of Denver, Hillary Hanson from McKinstry, Judy Purviance-Anderson from Cushman & Wakefield, and Elizabeth Gillmor from Energetics Consulting Engineers.


2022 Energize Denver Summit: Electrification

Learn about Denver’s electrification incentives and how to evaluate if heat pumps might be the right equipment for your building. Prepare for changes in the permitting process for equipment replacement, coming March 1st, 2023. Hear from your peers about why they are installing heat pumps today to improve building performance and address climate change. Speakers include Jeff Tejral from the City and County of Denver, Andrea Salazar from Michaels Energy, Pastor Scott Carranza from Grace and Life Church, Kathleen Cronan from EarthLinks, and Celeste Cizik from Group14 Engineering.


2022 Energize Denver Summit: Smart Leasing

Learn how Smart Leasing practices can help you plan for heat pumps installation and Energize Denver Performance Requirements by aligning the interests of tenants and landlords. Hear from stakeholders about how smart leasing has saved money, improved occupant health, and improved client satisfaction. Speakers include Lucy Ehrenclou from City and County of Denver, Ethan Gilbert from Prologis, and Chris Dulin from Windsor Communities.


Energize Denver Performance Requirements: Technical Guidance Series Part 1

The Energize Denver Benchmarking and Performance Requirements Technical Guidance was published on November 18, 2022. This webinar is a two-part series to delve into the technical details for buildings 25,000 square feet and larger to comply with this energy performance program. Part 1 on December 7 will address the background of the ordinance, equity considerations, equipment replacements for electrification, setting 2030 targets, target adjustments, an electrification credit and the renewables credit.


See the PowerPoint presentation(PDF, 2MB)

Energize Denver Performance Requirements: Technical Guidance Series Part 2

This is the second part of our two-part series that delves into the technical details for buildings 25,000 sq. ft. and larger to comply with the energy performance program. It covers four different alternate compliance options and minimum requirements, performance evaluation, penalty assessments, compliance scenarios, and support and incentives. It contains an hour of content and Q&A.


See the slide show(PDF, 1MB)

How Can Denver Smart Leasing Help You Meet Building Performance Requirements?

The Smart Leasing Program provides tools, training, and resources to better align the interests of tenants and landlords. This will help Denver achieve healthier and more energy-efficient buildings. This webinar will cover specific smart leasing strategies that can help buildings drive down energy use and emissions to comply with state and local building policy. Speakers include current Smart Leasing Partners Rachel Mountain, Co-Owner at Namaste Solar, and Bobby Dishell, Attorney at Moye White.

Video Length: 42 Minutes

Paying for Building Upgrades: Colorado Clean Energy Fund

Heather Braithwaite joins us to talk about the Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), a financing mechanism for clean energy upgrades for residential and commercial buildings, especially in underserved and vulnerable communities.


Video Length: 25 Minutes

Paying for Commercial Building Upgrades: C-PACE

Want to know more about how to pay for commercial building upgrades that will reduce your utility bills? Such measures can include electrification, energy and water efficiency upgrades, and solar PV. In this webinar, we are joined by Tracy Phillips from C-PACE, who will cover Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE), a financing mechanism that makes upgrades normally with high upfront costs feasible.

Video Length: 55 Mins

Boulder Commons Case Study: All-Electric, Cost-Effective

This case study features Boulder Commons, a mixed-use development of one office building and one apartment complex. The site was able to achieve net-zero energy (NZE) through a combination of electric and energy efficient and electric building design, NZE leasing strategy, onsite solar, wastewater recovery systems, and a vehicle-to-building system to flatten peak energy use. Our speakers will discuss Boulder Commons' building and systems design, as well as a cost-benefit analysis. Speakers include Andy Bush of Morgan Creek Ventures and Bill Holicky of Coburn Architects.

Video Length: 1 Hour

Electrification Case Study: La Tela High Rise Multifamily Webinar

This case study will feature La Tela, a high-rise affordable condominium complex in the Santa Fe Arts District. As a winner of the Renewable Heating and Cooling category of the 2021 Energize Denver Awards, this building features all-electric heating and cooking, as well as an on-site solar system. Our speakers will take a deep dive into the development process, overcoming challenges, financial specifications, and more.


See Giv's mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans, as mentioned in the presentation.


Electrifying New Multifamily Water Heating

This webinar addresses the benefits and various case studies on the electrification of water heating systems in multifamily complexes. Topics covered include first costs and long-term savings of electric water heating systems, the market for this technology, successful case studies in Denver and Utah, installation and development tips, and the future of the industry. Speakers include: Taylor Roberts at Group14 Engineering, Matt Abbott from Alta Terra Real Estate (formerly at Giv Group), and Ryan Green, Director of Strategic Accounts at Nyle Water Heating Systems.

Video Length: 55 Minutes

Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan Technical Briefing

This is a recording of the June 2021 Technical Briefing for Denver’s Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan. The transition to renewable heating and cooling will cost-effectively bring many benefits to Denverites by providing air conditioning as temperatures rise, reducing children’s exposure to carbon monoxide, and rapidly mitigating climate change by reducing methane emissions. This Technical Briefing provides more details on the Plan and answers questions.

Video Length: 55 Minutes

Updating the Design Process for Successful Net Zero Energy Buildings in Denver

Net Zero buildings are healthier, more comfortable, lower cost, and will make Denver more attractive an competitive. Found out why from our presenters. Speakers include Amber Wood from the City and County of Denver and Kevin Perri, Axaule Sultanova, and Erica DiLello from NORESCO. 

Video Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

2020 Energize Denver Awards

The Energize Denver Awards stem from the benchmarking ordinance as a way to recognize and promote the accomplishments of building owners and managers who operate buildings covered by the ordinance. Hear from Mayor Michael B. Hancock about the 2020 winners. 

Denver's Smart Leasing Program

Video Length: 48 Minutes



Outside Resources

Colorado Energy Code Training Series - Colorado Energy Office

In order to assist jurisdictions with code adoption, the Colorado Energy Office provides energy code education at no cost to building departments and stakeholders.

Video Length: 57 Minutes


EPA Portfolio Manager and Other Trainings

Learn how to use EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

Webinar Library

Building Code Webinar Series - U.S. Department of Energy

The Department of Energy's Building Energy Codes Program conducted a series of virtual seminars featuring a collection of timely and emerging topics pertinent to residential and commercial buildings.

Webinar Library

Getting to Net Zero Energy: What You Need to Know About Building Electrification to Meet Denver’s Climate Goals - Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Institute hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring building electrification experts and developers. Learn what these requirements include, how new construction can be designed to comply with these standards, and the lessons that developers and property owners are learning as they decarbonize the built environment.

Video: Getting to Net Zero Energy



Net Zero Energy For Developers Training Series

Created by the Urban Land Institute and edited into short clips for the City and County of Denver to support net zero energy development.

Net Zero Class 1  


Net Zero Class 2  


Net Zero Class 3  


Net Zero Class 4  


Net Zero Class 5