Energy Future Collaboration

On February 28, 2018, the City and County of Denver, Colorado (“Denver”) and Public Service Company of Colorado, a Colorado corporation and an Xcel Energy company (“Xcel Energy”), entered into an Energy Future Collaboration - Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). 

The MOU provides a strategy and framework for cooperation and achievement of a shared vision through broad collaboration, focusing on innovation, clean energy, economic development opportunities, customer choice programs and technology.

Denver will seek to implement EFC Partnership projects values at strategic locations and across Denver agencies and offices. These include, but are not limited to, Denver’s municipal facilities, DEN, the National Western Center, and the Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site. Representatives across Denver’s municipal agencies and offices will participate in the EFC Partnership as necessary to achieve its goals.

Denver and Xcel Energy have outlined short-term and longer-term goals, organized by six technical working groups in their annual Work Plan. The purpose and implementation project for each working group is listed below with links to additional resources about Denver’s efforts on the activity.

Technical Working Groups

Renewable Electricity, Policy, & Regulatory


Attain 100% renewable electricity, community-wide. Lead or support engagement in policy and regulatory activities.

Workplan Initiatives:

  • Municipally Hosted Community Solar Gardens
  • Establish of Solar + Storage Program Options

Learn more about Denver's Renewable Electricity, Policy & Regulatory work.

Resilience & Reliability


Collaborate on opportunities to enhance the resilience and reliability of critical infrastructure in Denver.

Workplan Initiatives:

  • Community Resiliency Initiative Projects
  • Pursue Grant Funding for Microgrids at Critical Facilities

Learn more about Denver International Airport's Resilience & Reliability work.

Learn more about National Western Center's Resilience & Reliability work.

Strategic Building Electrification


Study and implement strategies to decarbonize the heating of CCD’s buildings across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Workplan Initiatives:

  • Complete Denver's Building Decarbonization Planning Efforts
  • Promote Incentives for Fuel Switching from Natural Gas to Electric

Learn more about Denver's Building Electrification work.

Municipal Operations


Implement CCD’s municipal facility strategic energy plan.

Workplan Initiative:

Decarbonization of Municipal Facilities

Learn more about Denver's Municipal Operations work.



Convert streetlights to LEDs community-wide for the City.

Workplan Initiative:

LED Streetlight Conversions

Learn more about Denver's LED Streetlights work.

Electric Vehicles


Guide Denver toward a clean, carbon-free transportation system that improves the health and livability of our communities.

Workplan Initiative:

Make Ready Support for City Charging Stations

Learn more about Denver's Electric Vehicle work.