Building Code Appeals

To appeal a decision made regarding the building code, you must apply to the Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals is responsible for reviewing:

  • Appeals of administrative decisions
  • New methods or products
  • Plan correction notices
  • Written orders and interpretations of a building code official regarding the building code

About the Board of Appeals

Number of Mayoral Appointments: 9
 3 years

Function: The Board of Appeals is responsible for reviewing appeals of administrative decisions made by the Building Department concerning building code provisions.

Qualifications: The Board of Appeals is comprised of one architect (and one alternate architect), one contractor, one professional engineer (and one alternate engineer), one preservationist and two citizen members who cannot be associated with the building industry (and one citizen alternate).

Enabling Authorization: Established by Ordinance in 1952. 

Meets: As needed
Meeting Time: 8:30 a.m.
Meeting Location:
Wellington Webb Building
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO., 80202

Apply to sit on the Board

Become a decision-maker on the Denver Building Code Board of Appeals. 

The City and County of Denver is seeking qualified individuals to apply for a seat on the Denver Building Code Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals plays a crucial checks and balances role in the application of adopted and amended building codes, see Section 108 of the 2022 Denver Building and Fire Code(PDF, 5MB).

The Board of Appeals consists of six members and three alternates, all appointed by the mayor. The board is comprised of professionals from various fields to ensure a diverse range of perspectives.

  1. One professional engineer registered in the State of Colorado
  2. One architect licensed in the State of Colorado
  3. One person holding a City Building Contractor Class A, B, or C license
  4. One preservationist with expertise in the preservation of historic buildings and structures
  5. Two citizen members not associated with the building industry

The alternates include a professional engineer, an architect, and a citizen not associated with the building industry. Alternates are welcome to participate fully in meetings and voting even if they are not filling a temporary vacancy.

As a Board member, you will contribute to the following key responsibilities:

  • Considering appeals where errors are alleged in orders or decisions made by the building official on the application of the technical provisions of the codes
  • Deciding on appeals related to alternate methods and materials of construction
  • Temporarily postponing the enforcement of orders except in cases of imminent peril to life or property
  • Addressing appeals regarding unsafe conditions that require detailed engineering analysis or recommendations

Regular and special meetings will be scheduled as needed, and public notice will be given for all meetings. Board members are compensated $250 each per meeting. The Board of Appeals operates with transparency, allowing interested parties, including city agency representatives, to participate in public meetings. Board members are appointed for a three-year term and may serve up to three terms consecutively.

Apply to sit on the Board

Please include three references and a cover letter expressing your interest.

File and Appeal

Step 1.Application 

Submit your completed Board of Appeals application(PDF, 257KB) and a $250 check (made payable to "Manager of Finance") by mail or in person.

Mail to:
Community Planning and Development
Attention: Cashiering
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 205
Denver, CO 80202 

Drop off in person:
Wellington Webb Municipal Building
CPD Cashier Counter (2nd floor)
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80202

Step 2.Staff Review

Staff will review your application for completeness and make a decision as to whether the case can be brought before the Board of Appeals.

Step 3.Decision 

You will receive a letter with either a denial or a date of the next Board of Appeals meeting.