Rezonings - Map Amendments

Rezoning is a public process that changes the rules for land use and types of buildings permitted on a given property by changing its zone district. Because the process amends the city’s official zoning map, a rezoning is also referred to as a “map amendment.”

Proposed Rezonings Map

The searchable GIS map below shows all current proposed rezonings in red. Documents related to each case and key public hearing dates are available under "Current proposed rezonings" below.

Rezoning Process

Rezoning can take four to six months after an application is submitted, depending on the complexity of the case, and involves public hearings before the Denver Planning Board and City Council.

See the steps and criteria for rezoning a property 

Submit Comments

We welcome your comments on pending rezonings. 

Current Proposed Rezonings

Cases listed below are those for which we have received a complete application. Details are subject to change. Until a map amendment is adopted as an ordinance by Denver City Council, documents posted below are for informational purposes only and may be updated without notice. Amended versions will replace older versions on the website as they become available. 

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