View Planes

The Denver view plane ordinances preserve and protect  views from various parks and public places by limiting building height.

Details about Denver's view planes

Denver's view planes were established in Chapter 10 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code

  • Article III. Restrictions on Structures Within Areas Necessary To Preserve Views Of DIA Jeppesen Terminal
  • Article IV. Restrictions On Structures Within Areas Necessary To Preserve Mountain Views
  • Article V. Restrictions On Structures In The Civic Center Area
  • Article VIII. Restrictions On Structures Within Areas Necessary To Preserve Central Business District Views
View Plane Maps Denver Revised Municipal Code Chapter 10 Section
Cheesman Park - Botanic Gardens(PDF, 397KB) Article IV, Section 10-59
City Park - Natural History Museum(PDF, 435KB) Article IV, Section 10-62
Civic Center(PDF, 245KB) Article V
Coors Field(PDF, 323KB) Article IV, Section 10-62.7
Cranmer Park(PDF, 510KB) Article IV, Section 10-58
Hirshorn Park(PDF, 336KB) Article VIII,Section 10-137.2
Old City Hall(PDF, 380KB) Article IV, Section 10-59.5
Park at 51st & Zuni(PDF, 424KB) Article VIII, Section 10-137.1
Ruby Hill Park(PDF, 436KB) Article IV, Section 10-60
Sloan's Lake Park(PDF, 411KB) Article VIII, Section 10-137
Southmoor Park(PDF, 369KB) Article IV, Section 10-62.5
State Capitol(PDF, 429KB) Article IV, Section 10-61
State Home(PDF, 302KB) Article IV, Section 10-60.5
Washington Park(PDF, 437KB) Article IV,Section 10-61.5

View an illustrated example of a view plane's effect on building height(PDF, 489KB).

The file above contains an illustrated example of a view plane and how it limits building height. The building height limitations depend on the distance from a reference point, usually with increased height allowed as the building is located farther from the reference point. The reference point is measured as elevation above mean sea level.

As you consider this example, keep in mind that the maximum building height for your location is given as elevation relative to a fixed standard, mean sea level. Actual building heights would vary depending on adjustments in the finished grade on which the buildings are located, and no part can project up into the defined view plane. This applies even in cases where a building straddles an elevation. Any part of a structure that is within the view plane is subject by the limitation on construction height.