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Community Planning and Development issues e-newsletters on a regular basis to keep our customers, partners, and residents updated on our work. Our general newsletter is sent a few times a year with updates on all major department initiatives underway. Our "code and policy alert" newsletter is sent monthly to announce code changes, new policies, and permitting updates that may impact development projects in Denver. Additional newsletters focus on specific interests, like landmark preservation or neighborhood planning.

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2023 Newsletters

11/8 -- Adaptive reuse pilot program for East Colfax Ave. accepting applications (Code and Policy Alert)
Proposed revisions to the 2022 Building & Fire Code and 2022 Denver Green Code

10/24 -- We want your input on design guidelines for windows (Landmark Preservation)
ICYMI: Tribal representatives traveled to Denver to share their histories

10/11 -- Nominations open for 2023 Mayor’s Design Awards (Code and Policy Alert)
PRO Housing Grant application, important dates to remember, and more

9/21 -- Important building code dates to remember (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus an update on residential plan review times

9/19 -- Join us for a Tribal Nations public reception (Landmark Preservation)
We want your input on window design guidelines

8/16/23 -- Denver's adaptive reuse pilot program looking for participants (Code and Policy Alert)
Inside: Feedback sessions, rebates and more

8/15/23 -- Let's talk about design guidelines for windows (Landmark Preservation)
Plus: recent and upcoming designations

7/20/23 -- Resources for navigating the 2022 Denver Energy Code (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: 2023 NEC adoption

6/29/23 -- 2022 Building and Fire Code updates adopted (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: E-permits has a new look

5/23/23 -- Special Issue: "Expanding Housing Affordability" deadlines extended (Code and Policy Alert)
Ordinance ensures that as new homes are built, more affordable homes are built too

5/11/23 -- Funding Opportunity: Request for Proposals (Code and Policy Alert)
Wanted: consultant to prepare residential permitting guides

5/10/23 -- Celebrate Preservation Month with us (Landmark Preservation)
See recent and upcoming designations

4/12/23 -- Process improvements help decrease plan review times (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus, city begins adaptive reuse feasibility study

3/16/23 -- Review and comment on multiple proposed zoning code changes (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus learn about the new Outdoor Places Program

2/16/23 -- March 6-10: Plan reviewers & inspectors are attending annual ICC code classes (Code and Policy Alert)
Also inside: building code updates, a launch party, and more

1/17/23 -- CPD permitted $5 BILLION in construction work last year (Code and Policy Alert)
2022 building code adopted

2/1/23 -- Help tell the stories of American Indian and Indigenous Peoples in Denver (Landmark Preservation)
Join us for a Launch Party on Feb 25

2022 Newsletters

12/14/22 -- Affordable housing effective date extended for single-family/duplex projects (Code and Policy Alert)
2022 building code adoption update and more

11/18/22 -- Denver to hire consultant for American Indian/Indigenous Peoples historic context study (Landmark Preservation)
Review the request for proposals (RFP)

11/17/22 -- Inside: Photos of the 2022 Mayor's Design Awards winners (Code and Policy Alert)
Building code adoption briefing recap and more

11/2/22 -- You’re invited! Join us to learn about the 2022 Denver Building and Fire Code (Code and Policy Alert)
Continuing education credit provided

10/26/22 -- Landmark Preservation Commission to vote on proposed design guidelines updates (Landmark Preservation)
Join us for a code adoption briefing

10/18/22 -- Energize Denver Ordinance requirements become effective in 2023 (Code and Policy Alert)
Join us for a code adoption briefing

8/18/22 -- Meet Denver's new head of urban design (Code and Policy Alert)
Last call: Nominate a project for the Mayor's Design Awards

7/27/22 -- Landmark Preservation Commission to review proposed design guidelines updates (Landmark Preservation)
Have you applied for state income tax credits?

7/21/22 -- Nominate a project for the 2022 Mayor's Design Awards (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: CPD has a new phone number and more

6/15/2022 -- Denver welcomes a new Deputy Building Official (Code and Policy Alert)
Also inside: Expand housing affordability measure passes

5/24/2022 -- Colorado's Chicano/a/x Community Murals named among nation's 11 Most Endangered Places (Landmark Preservation)
Don't forget to review the phase 1 design guideline update

5/16/2022 -- Managing permit review times and more monthly news (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Three projects looking for feedback in May

4/27/2022 -- Design guidelines update: Review and comment on Phase 1 draft (Landmark Preservation)
Celebrate Preservation Month with us

4/21/2022 -- Proposal to expand housing affordability in Denver moves forward (Code and Policy Alert)
Inside: We're hiring, 2022 building code adoption, and more

3/31/2022 -- Denver Landmark Preservation webinar series returns (Landmark Preservation)
Also inside: The Robinson House advances to City Council

3/16/2022 -- We're hiring! Explore a new career with competitive pay and great benefits (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: A 2022 building code update, development case studies, board vacancies, and more

3/4/2022 -- March 7-11: Plan reviewers and inspectors are attending annual ICC code classes (Code and Policy Alert)

2/28/2022 -- Findings from City of Denver’s first-ever Mexican American, Chicano, and Latino historic context study released (Landmark Preservation)
Companion “I Am Denver” film captures resident stories in video

2/14/2022 -- Denver advances new policy to address housing affordability (Code and Policy Alert)
Inside: residential permitting presentation, code adoption updates, and more

2/3/2022 -- You’re invited! Community meeting & film screening at Sie for Denver's Latino/Chicano history (Landmark Preservation)
RSVP link inside

1/20/2022 -- Important updates on the 2022 building code adoption process (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Construction Careers Contribution Fund, existing building survey, and more

2021 Newsletters

12/16/2021 -- Meet Denver's new Chief Building Official (Code and Policy Alert)
Inside: New data for average plan review times, Mayor's Design Award winners, and more

11/18/2021 -- Join us for a conversation about design in Denver (Code and Policy Alert)
Inside: Construction careers contribution fund, RNO renewal reminder, sidewalk safety, and more

10/27/2021 -- Phase 1 of the Landmark Preservation design guidelines update is underway (Landmark Preservation)
Plus: Approved customized design guidelines for LA Alma Lincoln Park

10/20/2021 -- Denver draft proposal to require affordable homes in all large residential developments (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Ways to participate in a number of exciting projects

9/15/2021 -- Residential project updates, apply to sit on a code committee, and more (Code and Policy Alert)
Also inside: Learn how to design successful NZE buildings in Denver 

9/1/2021 -- We're updating the Design Guidelines for Landmark Structures and Districts (Landmark Preservation)
Also inside: The Mayor’s Design Awards return

8/25/2021 -- The Mayor's Design Awards are back! Submit your nominations today (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Must-know inspections information, we're hiring, and more

8/3/2021 -- La Alma Lincoln Park becomes Denver's newest historic cultural district (Landmark Preservation)
Also: Submit a video story for the historic context project and more

7/22/2021 -- New: Apply to become Denver’s head of urban design (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Building and zoning code updates, important inspections info, and more

7/8/2021 -- New dates for the 2022 Building and Fire Code adoption process (Code and Policy Alert)
Submit code amendment proposals now

6/23/2021 --  FREE hands-on workshop Saturday, June 26 (Landmark Preservation)
Plus: Loretto Heights update, landmark inspection tips, and more

6/16/2021 -- Building and zoning code updates to be voted on by City Council this summer (Code and Policy Alert)
Also inside: CPD hires a second deputy director 

5/14/2021 -- Special edition: 2021 Building and Fire Code adoption process (Code and Policy Alert)
Important dates and engagement opportunities inside 

4/22/2021 --  Denver Zoning Code bundle of text amendments expected to go before City Council in mid-June (Code and Policy Alert)
Also inside: Denver Green Code survey, webinar opportunities, and more

4/21/2021 --  Residents apply to designate the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood as Denver’s newest Historic Cultural District (Landmark Preservation)
Also inside: an update on the proposed designation of 123 Speer Blvd.

3/25/2021 -- Participate in a preservation initiative to protect and celebrate Denver's Latino/Chicano history (Landmark Preservation) 
Plus: Tax credit info, upcoming landmark webinars, and more

3/15/2021 -- Denver begins nationwide search for new Chief Building Official (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Zoning Code text amendments, expanding the housing affordability project, and more 

2/24/2021 -- A farewell to Denver’s building official, Scott Prisco (Code and Policy Alert)
Also inside: Group living text amendment, LDR fee, Energize Denver award winners, and more

2/8/2021 -- Denver Landmark Preservation year-in-review (Landmark Preservation)
Also inside: Upcoming landmark webinars, a new designation, and more 

2/2/2021 -- CPD permitted $3.25 BILLION in construction work last year (Code and Policy Alert)
Plus: Sidewalk safety, pilot program update, landmark webinar series, and more

1/4/2021 -- Seven things we'll carry forward from 2020 (General)
Happy new year from Denver CPD

1/12/2021 -- A big win: Denver's first landmark designation under new cultural criteria (Landmark Preservation) 
Plus: A Landmark Preservation webinar series and more

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