Average Plan Review Times

The ability to estimate permitting timelines is an important factor in managing your project. While we strive to provide accurate estimates based on current 90-day averages, actual review times may vary by project. Community Planning and Development is committed to monitoring and sharing review times and making adjustments as needed to provide excellent quality of work and customer service for all projects. 

Some projects will have a due date listed in e-permits. These dates are set automatically based on target review times, and do not adjust in response to volume or capacity. For a more accurate estimate, please use the dates provided in the dashboard below based on when your permit application was accepted for review. Projects are reviewed in the order they are received by the next available staff member. E-permits will not list a specific reviewer for your project until one is available and the project has been officially picked up for review by that individual.

Q1 Update: Mayor's Goal to Reduce Permitting Time

Earlier this year, Mayor Mike Johnston announced his citywide goals for 2024. To foster great government, the city is looking to cut permitting time by re-envisioning the development permitting process and reducing city review times by 30%. A multi-agency team is working together, with a sense of urgency, to find ways to solution process innovations across the system. The team collaborating in these efforts include representatives from the Department of Community Planning and Development (CPD), Denver Fire, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), Excise and Licensing, Technology Services, and more. We're pleased to report that we've begun implementing a few initiatives to help us achieve this goal.

  • Increased valuation thresholds for commercial projects

Given the rising cost of construction materials in the past decade, the valuations of projects have increased accordingly about 50%. As such, the city has adjusted the valuation thresholds for Major, Intermediate, and Minor commercial projects. This will better align with the current market and more projects will have a shorter review time as a result.

  • Combining building permits needed for select single-family duplex projects to simplify the process

New residential projects building a house and a garage formerly had to obtain two permits, one for the house and another for the garage. Now, these projects only need to obtain one permit for both the house and garage. This initiative reduces plan review time and improves efficiencies within the inspections process.

  • How the city accepts plans for permit reviews is seeing improvements

We have also implemented a suite of changes to the intake process that will reduce the amount of time an application is in the city’s hands, as well as the number of applications rejected at intake.

Updates on this important work will be provided as we continue to innovate and improve the city's permitting process.

Review Times Dashboard 

  • Average Weeks: These columns show the average review times experienced by customers over the last 90 days.
  • 90th Percentile Weeks: These columns show the maximum review times over the last 90 days. It includes projects that are taking longer than usual due to complicated or unique circumstances.

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