Neglected and Derelict Buildings

To protect the safety, prosperity, health and welfare of all city residents, the City and County of Denver requires properties to be safe and well-maintained. Each property owner is responsible for the care and maintenance of his/her property.

Generally, a neglected and derelict building is an unoccupied building that city inspectors have identified as unsafe, nuisance, habitually in violation of city codes or at least one year behind in property taxes (for full details, see DRMC 10-138). These properties cause safety and quality-of-life problems for neighborhoods. To report a neglected and derelict building, contact Denver 311.

If the city has listed your property as neglected and derelict:

  • You must complete a remedial plan form telling the City your plan for correcting the problem
  • You must complete a registration form designating a contact who will receive future communications from the City until the property is removed from the list. 
    - Download forms (PDF):
    Remedial plan & registration form -- commercial property 
    Remedial plan & registration form -- residential property 
  • You may contact Neighborhood Inspections at 720-865-2505 with questions.

Owners of properties on the neglected and derelict list may be fined $1,000 annually. The fine is not assessed as long as the owner does the remedial plan, stays code-compliant, and has paid any outstanding fees/fines.  This fine is in addition to any abatement costs, or code violation fines. 

If the owner fails to register, or comply w/registration requirements, the City can fine the owner $500 per day up to a total of $15,000 (per 10-143(d). The City may impose civil fees of $999 per day for each day the property is considered neglected and derelict.

For more details on regulations related to neglected and derelict buildings in Denver, see Denver Revised Municipal Code Section 10-138.