Minor Residential and Commercial Work

The projects listed below are considered minor commercial and residential projects that can be reviewed faster than more complicated projects. For all categories listed below, customers should apply for permits online. View electronic instructions here

Commercial Projects

In order to qualify for a quick review, commercial/multifamily projects must have a total construction valuation of under $500,000, must not involve structural work, and must not need a change of occupancy, change of use, or reviews by other agencies.

These projects may include:

  • Tenant finish in retail and business properties
  • Temporary sales offices within model homes
  • Non-structural repair due to water or fire damage
  • Minor structural work related to emergency like-for-like repair of existing buildings, which is not the result of a collapse or notice/order from the City and County of Denver
  • Sign installation
  • Non-structural remodel of a unit in a multifamily building (condo, townhome, apartment)
  • Preparatory demolition ("prep demo" and "expanded prep demo" permits)
  • Access control
  • Residential electrical service over 200 amps 
  • Solar/photovoltaic systems under 10kW

Single-Family/Duplex Projects

Single-family/duplex projects that qualify for a quick review must be of the lowest complexity and must not require reviews by other agencies.

These projects may include:
  • Minor interior/exterior remodels (alterations and repairs) that include:
    • Non-structural repairs
    • Interior remodels (alterations) that are less than 1,000 square feet in gross floor area and have minor structural work (e.g., new beams, removal of load bearing walls, and new openings)
    • New doors, windows, skylights
    • Window or area wells
    • Minor structural work
    • Fire-rated projections
    • Non-structural, preparatory demolition permits (prep demo permits)
  • Accessory buildings and structures, site features, and landscaping that include:
    • Uninhabitable accessory structures or buildings, including storage and tool sheds, chicken and duck coops, and treehouses and playground equipment intended for children’s use
    • Driveways
    • Prefabricated, above-grade pools, spas, or hot tubs
    • Pergolas, trellises, and patio covers
    • First-story (ground-level) patios, porches, decks, and terraces
    • Other landscape and site features, including planters
    • Fences and retaining walls
    • A/C units, excluding A/C units requiring a zoning permit with informational notice (ZPIN)
  • Modified drawings where the modifications have a scope that falls into a category listed above

Please note that projects that require a parkway review or any review by another Denver agency must be logged in for a standard review.