Zoning Permits

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Zoning regulates the use and development of private property in Denver, including the size and location of structures, allowed uses and activities, parking, signs, and more. Zoning is one of the city's tools for encouraging quality development in Denver reflective of the goals, policies, and strategies found in the city's Comprehensive PlanBlueprint Denver land use and transportation plan, neighborhood plans, and other small area plans. Adopted plans -- and the zoning codes that help implement these plans -- are created with community input.

Are you using the updated zoning code? Learn about recent and proposed amendments.

Find Your Zoning

  1. Use the Denver Zoning map to look up the zone district for your property.
  2. See Zone District Descriptions for information on your zone district.

Learn how to use the Denver Zoning Code: Watch a short video (~2 minutes; opens in YouTube)

Find Zoning Code Policies, Interpretations, Determinations, and Clarifications

Find a Zoning Service or Permit Instructions