Apply for Commercial Zoning Permits

Zoning permits ensure land and buildings are used in a manner that matches the community's vision for the future of Denver -- from the design and placement of a building to the type of activities (or "land uses") proposed for that location.

For commercial or multifamily construction projects in site development plan (SDP) review, zoning permits are processed through your project coordinator. You do not need to apply for a zoning permit separately.

Apply Online

Step 1.Request a Pre-application Meeting

The city offers pre-application meetings for any applicant who needs assistance with a complex zoning project. Additionally, some projects will require a pre-application meeting. These include projects where public notice is required, such as the following:

  • telecommunications towers
  • outdoor commercial activities
  • applications to keep more animals than allowed by the code
  • requests to install an A/C unit within the required setback area
  • applications for non-residential activities in residential areas
  • view more

Request a pre-application meeting

Step 2.Prepare Application Materials

These often include a floor plan, site plan, building elevations, and a written narrative.

When you fill out the online application in e-permits, you will be prompted to upload additional documents, such as a floor plan, site plan, elevations, or written narrative describing your project. Before starting the online application, review these resources to make sure you have all the necessary information ready to go:

Additional guidance for special project types:

Step 3.Submit Online

After gathering all required documents, go to e-permits to apply for your zoning permit. If you are new to e-permits, please start by registering for an account. Once you are registered and signed in, go to Development Services > Apply for a permit. 

  • For zoning permits only, select "Zoning Permit" and follow the prompts to submit contact information, project details, and upload documents.

Need help? View e-permits tutorials and FAQs

Next Steps

When your application has been received, zoning staff will review for completeness. If your application or plans are incomplete, you may receive a request for additional information. Review of your submitted plans will not begin until a complete application package is received.

Please check your email for updates from zoning staff as your plans are being reviewed. If your plans meet the requirements of the zoning code and your permit fee has been paid, staff will issue the zoning permit. Please note that other types of approvals, both city and state, may still be required depending on your project.

Building Permits / Certificates of Occupancy

If a building permit or certificate of occupancy is required, these must be obtained within 180 days of the zoning permit issuance in order for the zoning permit to remain valid. If you do not obtain a building permit in the 180-day time period, you will need to re-apply for a zoning permit.