Apply for a Sign Permit

Use the below instructions to apply for sign permits on private property.

Please note: If the sign will be located in the Denver Theatre District, please use the Development Services map to find your project coordinator and contact that project coordinator to start the review process.

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Step 1.Before you begin...

Know what other reviews and permits may be required based on the sign location or features.

  • If the sign will be located at a local landmark or within a historic district, Landmark Preservation will review your application to determine whether a Certificate of Appropriateness can be issued. Learn more.
  • If the sign(s) will cross into the public right-of-way, a permit from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is required. View DOTI permit instructions.
  • An electrical permit is required if the sign will include electrical components or connections.
  • If your sign permit is related to establishing a new business, you will need to upload more detailed plans with your application for a zoning use permit in addition to a sign permit. Review those items here.
    • If your new business is not a change from the previous use of the same building space, you do not need a new zoning use permit.

Step 2.Prepare a Site Plan

You will need to upload a site plan with your online application. View a site plan example(PDF, 193KB).

Your site plan must show the following (at a minimum):

  • Dimensions of all areas, boundaries, structures, and distances
  • Zone lot lines
  • Structures
  • Existing signs
  • Proposed signs
  • North arrow
  • Scale
  • All dimensions to a sign structure from the zone lot lines
  • Site plan boundary must include all adjacent streets, alleys, and property lines
  • If there are multiple tenants, identify which tenant the sign is for
  • Zone lot frontage (total linear feet of zone lot line adjacent to a public street)
  • Tenant frontage (total linear feet of street-level building wall enclosing tenant space and adjacent to a public street)

Step 3.Sign Elevations

You will need to upload sign elevations with your online application.

Please provide a fully dimensioned elevation of the sign as it will appear on the building façade, including the following:

  • Any existing signs
  • Height to top of sign from grade
  • For a projecting sign, the height to top and bottom of sign from grade, as well as distance projecting from face of building wall
  • Sign dimensions
  • Dimensioned drawing or photo simulation of the sign(s), including sign copy/content and any other details

Note: Staff may request additional information depending on the nature or complexity of the project.

Step 4.Building Permit

A building permit is required for most signs, unless the sign is specifically exempt in Denver Building and Fire Code.

For a building permit, please upload structural plans and details with your application including the following:

  • The framing materials for the sign and the sign's supporting structure (pole, wall, footings, etc.)
  • Connection/anchorage types, methods and number of anchors or connections 
  • Any other structural specification information
  • Any other drawings or specifications provided by the sign manufacturer

Structural plans must be prepared, stamped, and signed by a Colorado-registered professional structural engineer.

Step 5.Submit Online

After gathering all required documents, go to e-permits to apply for your sign permit. If you are new to e-permits, please start by registering for an account. Once you are registered and signed in, go to Development Services > Apply for a permit. 

  • For zoning permits only, select "Zoning Permit" and follow the prompts to submit contact information, project details, and upload documents.
  • For both zoning and building permits, select "Building Log" instead of "Zoning Permit" to receive a simultaneous zoning and building review.
    • Note: If you are applying for both zoning and building permits, you will also need to download the sign permit application(PDF, 255KB) and submit it along with the required documents listed above. 

Enter e-permits

Need help? View e-permits tutorials and FAQs 

Next Steps

When your application has been received, zoning staff will review for completeness. If your application or plans are incomplete, you may receive a request for additional information. Review of your submitted plans will not begin until a complete application package is received.

Please check your email for updates from zoning staff as your plans are being reviewed. If your plans meet the requirements of the zoning code and your permit fee has been paid, staff will issue the zoning permit. Please note that other types of approvals, both city and state, may still be required depending on your project.

Building Permits

If a building permit is required, these must be obtained within 180 days of the zoning permit issuance in order for the zoning permit to remain valid. If you do not obtain a building permit in the 180-day time period, you will need to re-apply for a zoning permit.