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Comprehensive sign plans are a means to achieve a coordinated and balanced system of signs and street graphics. There are three types of comprehensive sign plans (CSPs):

Vital Sign Plans

A vital sign plan is required in downtown zone districts for all projecting or banner signs, or if a marquee or canopy sign is desired for uses without direct street access. The downtown zone districts include the following:

  • Denver Zoning Code: D-C, D-TD, D-LD, D-AS
  • Former Chapter 59: B-5, B-5-T, B-7, and B-8-A

A vital sign plan is not required for projecting signs in the Golden Triangle (B-8-G; D-GT).

Vital sign plans are used in downtown zone districts to encourage urban, innovative signs and street graphics that help foster a unique downtown shopping and commercial area and facilitate simple, pleasant communication between people and their environment.

Large Facility Sign Plans

Large facility sign plans are used for facilities located in mixed-use commercial or non-residential zone districts that have at least

  • 50,000 sq. ft. of ground-floor area or
  • 100,000 sq. ft. of zone lot area (which can include contiguous zone lots)

Large facility sign plans allow for flexibility in the size, type, and location of signs in order to accommodate complex layouts of large facilities, while maintaining a coordinated program of high-quality signage.

Supplemental Building Sign Plans

Supplemental building sign plans are sign plans for specific buildings within a large facility comprehensive sign plan. These may be used for projects that add buildings over time and require a comprehensive and balanced system of signage for each new building, while meeting the standards, locations, and size allowances detailed in the overarching large facility comprehensive sign plan. 



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