Average Plan Review Times

The ability to estimate permitting timelines is an important factor in managing your project. While we strive to provide accurate estimates based on current 30-day averages, actual review times may vary by project. Community Planning and Development is committed to monitoring and sharing review times and making adjustments as needed to provide excellent quality of work and customer service for all projects.

Use this interactive dashboard to view:

  • Average time for an initial plan review after city's receipt of a complete application
  • Average time for subsequent reviews ("resubmittals") when a project submits additional or revised information
  • Number of projects being reviewed past their target due date and the average duration of these late projects (to view this data, select the checkbox in the top-left of the dashboard for "late reviews only")
  • Average time from when a project applies for site planning, building, or zoning permitting to the date the project receives approval. This data includes the time it takes applicants to make plan revisions as well as time for city review. (Note: Commercial zoning review times are in development and will be added to this dashboard soon.)

Use the arrow in the bottom-right to open in full-screen mode. Data is updated daily.

Please note: The target due date for initial plan review does not include the intake review, i.e., the time it takes to process an application and release it for plan review. It can take up to two business days to verify that an application is complete and ready for plan review. 

Additional Resources

List of Minor Commercial or Residential Projects (eligible for faster review times)

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