Completed Plans

Completed plans have been created in collaboration with Denver residents, refined with public feedback, and adopted by Denver City Council. These plans represent a broad, long-term community vision for a particular area, which the city works to implement by updating zoning codes, design standards, and other policies according to the goals and recommendations of the completed plan.

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Completed Citywide Plans and Initiatives

Plans, Assessments, and Studies

Click on the map or enter an address to see a list of plans, assessments and studies that apply in that area. To search for specific documents, enter the name in the search field. Click "List" view on the right side of the map to see the full list and data download options:


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Other Documents and Information

Replaced and Removed Plans and Studies

The following plans were replaced with the adoption of new plans covering the same area. They are no longer online but can be made available upon request from

  • 61st and Pena Station Area Plan
  • Capitol Hill / Cheesman Park Neighborhood Plan
  • Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District Plan, Area 1
  • Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District Plan, Area 2
  • Congress Park Neighborhood Plan
  • East Colfax Plan
  • East Montclair/East Colfax Neighborhood Plan
  • Montbello/Green Valley Ranch Neighborhood Plan
  • Uptown Neighborhood Plan


The following studies are considered out of date. They are no longer online but can be made available upon request from

  • Civic Center Planning Assessment
  • Cole Planning Report
  • Curtis Park Neighborhood Assessment
  • Downtown Creekfront
  • Elyria / Swansea Neighborhood Assessment
  • Lincoln Park Neighborhood Assessment
  • Mayfair Town Center Assessment
  • Overland Neighborhood Assessment
  • Platt Park Neighborhood Assessment
  • Silver Triangle Urban Design Study
  • South Broadway Corridor Study
  • South Platte River Corridor Study
  • Sunnyside Neighborhood Assessment
  • Yale Station Area Study

Status Definitions

  • Adopted: Plans that were voted on and adopted by the Denver City Council.
  • Approved: Plans that were approved administratively.
  • Completed: Studies and assessments that do not require adoption or approval by a specific body.
  • In Progress: Current ongoing planning processes.
  • Adopted-Partially Replaced: Adopted plans that cover areas where more recent plans apply as well as areas that do not have newer plans.
  • Replaced: Plans that were replaced by more recently adopted plans.