Far Northeast Area Plan Amendment


City Council adopted the Far Northeast Area Plan on June 10, 2019, the culmination of two years of hard work by community members in Montbello, Green Valley Ranch and portions of the Denver International Airport statistical area, whose efforts and input resulted in a truly community-driven long-term vision for these neighborhoods. The plan was later amended in 2022 through another community process. 

Now in the implementation phase of the plan, Community Planning and Development is measuring and tracking outcomes related to the plan goals, policies, and strategies in the plan. Information on tracking implementation will be posted in the future as projects are implemented and data on their impact becomes available.  

Read the amended Far Northeast Area Plan(PDF, 49MB)

See the Plan in Action

Planning Process

Background and Phases

The Far Northeast Area Plan was the first plan adopted under the Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI) which was launched in 2017.

The Denver City Council adopted the Far Northeast Area Plan on June 10, 2019 after a two-year community engagement process that involved five planning phases:

  • Meeting the residents, learning about the community and existing conditions
  • Developing community-driven guiding principles
  • Identifying focus areas and important topics
  • Learning, studying and exploring those topics
  • Developing concepts, recommendations and strategies to address the community-identified focus areas and topics

An amendment to the plan was adopted in May 16, 2022. The amendment focused primarily on revising and detailing land uses and mobility in a small part of the Denver International Airport statistical area encompassed by Tower Road, Himalaya Road, and 72nd and 70th streets, a greenfield site with potential to become a local employment center and help implement Far Northeast Area Plan goals around the local economy, jobs and access to opportunity.

Public Meetings and Engagement

The Far Northeast project team held or participated in several meetings during the two-year planning process:

  • 20 steering committee meetings
  • 5 area-wide public meetings
  • 5 online surveys 
  • joint town hall meetings and resource fairs
  • Numerous community events attended by city staff, the Far Northeast project team, and various city departments

The amendment process involved:

  • 2 steering committee meetings
  • 2 public meetings