Park Hill Golf Course Online Open House

Update (July 8, 2022): The online open house has closed. If you would like to view the recommendations, you can still download the boards on each topic using the buttons below. Questions and comments can be submitted via the online comment form.

The following surveys are an opportunity to share your thoughts on draft recommendations and maps based on the prevailing vision for the Park Hill Golf Course and refined through community engagement over the last five months. Once you have reviewed each board, take the corresponding survey to let us know:

  • your level of support or opposition for each policy
  • whether you think the strategies will be effective
  • any additional comments you want to share 

Your input will be used to update and refine the recommendations and will be reflected in the draft area plan that will be release for public review later this summer. Feedback submitted will be shared after the online open house closes July 7. 

Quality of Life (Parks and Open Space) Recommendations

Housing Recommendations

Economy Recommendations

Mobility Recommendations

Design Quality Recommendations

Land Use Recommendations

A Little Bit About You

Thank you for participating in the online open house. If you're comfortable, we'd welcome your filling out an optional demographics survey so we can learn a little bit about you.