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Review the draft plan recommendations

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the planning team continued engaging residents and stakeholders in conversations about the future of the West Area throughout 2020. Planners reviewed input provided in those conversations and online surveys on potential guiding principles and opportunities for the plan. The result is a set of draft recommendations that touch on multiple topics and that will serve as the foundation for the West Area Plan.

Review the draft plan recommendations

Next steps 

The draft recommendations are being updated and refined, according to what we have heard from the community. Once the planning team has reviewed public input and made adjustments, a draft plan will be released for public review.  



How to Get Involved



Find us in your neighborhood

Members of the planning team will be attending the following community events and will be and available to take public input and answer questions.  

No events are scheduled at this time. Additional events will be added, so check back for more opportunities.

Hosting a neighborhood meeting or event? Let us know! City planners can provide presentations about the plan, set up a booth and/or provide materials.  



Area Information and Resources

The West Planning Area is made up of these six neighborhoods: Barnum, Barnum West, Sun Valley, Valverde, Villa Park and West Colfax. The area was selected to lead Phase II of the Neighborhood Planning Initiative because it has some of the oldest neighborhood plans and has experienced rapidly increasing housing costs. There are also several important city-led efforts underway in the area, including Elevate Denver pedestrian safety improvements for Federal Boulevard and West Colfax Avenue, ongoing construction of Paco Sanchez Park, the Stadium District Master Plan, Meow Wolf, and early phase construction on the Sun Valley Eco-District.  

Current Zoning Context

  • Commercial - 12%
  • Former Chapter 59 - 7%
  • Industrial - 14%
  • Residential - 58%
  • Open space - 9%

Planning Need Indicator Scores

West Area planning need map  

To help inform the neighborhood planning process, the city developed data-based indicators of planning need at the neighborhood scale. 

The map shows planning need for each of the West Area Plan neighborhoods according to five categories: livability, investment, policy and regulations, economy and community demographics. Based on data in these categories, West Colfax and Sun Valley show high planning need, Villa Park and Valverde show medium-high planning need, and Barnum and Barnum West show medium-low planning need. 

Read more about the indicators and scoring

Area Statistics and Other Information


  • Area: 5.09 square miles
  • 2018 Population: 41,007
  • Housing units: 12,560   
Regional destinations
  • Broncos Stadium at Mile High
Natural features
  • Lakewood Gulch
  • Dry Gulch
  • Weir Gulch Park
  • Martinez Park
  • South Platte River
  • Barnum Water Park   
Key corridors
  • Sheridan Blvd.
  • Federal Blvd.
  • Colfax Ave.
  • 10th Ave.
  • 6th Ave.
  • 1st Ave.
  • Alameda Ave.



  • North: W. 17th Ave., Meade Street, W. 19th Ave. and Mile High Stadium Circle 
  • East: South Platte River
  • South: West Alameda Avenue
  • West: Sheridan Boulevard





Process and Timeline

Near Northwest Planning Process Timeline  

The Neighborhood Planning Initiative provides a model for area planning that is intentional, equitable and measurable. The planning process is guided by a multi-pronged outreach and communications strategy with an expected timeline of 18 to 24 months from kickoff to adoption. For a detailed overview, visit How We Plan. For details on how the planning process is being applied in the West Area, see below.   

Planning Process Stages

  • Understand the Area
  • Define the Issues and Develop Initial Recommendations
  • Refine Recommendations
  • Community Review of Draft Plan
  • Adoption Process 

Completed Stages

Understand the Area

What the planning team worked on
  • Existing conditions research 
  • Convening community steering committee (member listing available on this page under West Area Team)
  • Used multiple channels to get word out about plan launch
  • Project website and email list
  • Social media
  • Traditional media outreach
  • Went into the community to get the word out about the plan
  • Went into the community to get the word out
  • Hosted meetings and attended community events to share information and collect input   
What we asked the community 
  • What do you like or dislike about your neighborhood?
  • Where are the opportunities?
  • What are the areas of concern?
  • What do you want to see for the future of your neighborhood?
  • How do you want to get involved in the planning process?
How the public participated 
  • Joined the email list 
  • Attended two Phase 1 public meetings
  • Took kickoff survey
  • Took mobility survey
  • Talked with planners at events in the community 
  • The steering committee held 8 meetings 
Results and resources 
  • West Area Plan Existing Conditions Briefing Book(PDF, 10MB)
  • Available in project archive:
    • Meeting materials (presentations, meeting summaries and handouts) for public meetings and steering committee meetings
    • Complete listing of community office hours held by staff
    • Complete listing of neighborhood meetings and community events attended by staff
    • Past project newsletters

Define the Issues and Develop Initial Recommendations

What the planning team worked on
  • Reviewing and analyzing community input from Phase 1 to identify themes and opportunities   
  • Reviewing Phase 1 community engagement and conducting proactive outreach to address gaps 
  • Working with area schools on youth-focused outreach
  • Working with local partners on addressing the issue of involuntary displacement in West Denver 
  • Continuing to work community steering committee
  • Continuing to collect input from community members  
What we asked the community 
  • How do you want to stay involved in the planning process?
  • What do you think about these guiding principles and opportunities? 
  • Are we hearing you right?
How the public participated 
  • Joined email list 
  • Took land use opportunities survey
  • Took mobility opportunities survey
  • Took economy opportunities survey
  • Took quality of life opportunities survey 
  • Took the youth survey
  • Participated in the Understanding Displacement webinar
  • Talked with planners at community events and office hours sessions  
  • Steering committee held 9 meetings 
Results and resources 

Current Stage: Refine Recommendations

What the planning team is working on 
  • Collecting feedback from community members on draft recommendations
  • Reviewing and analyzing that feedback
  • Continuing to work with community steering committee
  • Following up with key partners to ensure they remain connected to the planning process 
What we're asking the community 
  • How do you feel about these draft policies?
  • Do they reflect what your priorities? 
  • Do they reflect what you have told us about your area?
  • Are the recommendations on the right track?
How the public can participate
  • Join email list
  • Read the draft recommendations
  • Take survey on draft recommendations 
  • Meet planners in the community to share feedback and ask questions
  • Observe steering committee 
  • Encourage neighbors to get involved
Results and resources




West Area Team

Planning is a collaborative, community-driven process facilitated by city staff with the support of City Council offices, partner agencies and guided by a steering committee of residents, local businesses, neighborhood groups, community-serving organizations and other constituencies from every neighborhood in the planning area.

City Planners

Eugene Howard
Senior City Planner

Valerie Herrera (Habla español)
Associate City Planner

Sung won Han
Associate City Planner – Urban Design

Becca Dierschow
Associate City Planner – Landmark Preservation

City Council Offices

Council District 1
Councilwoman Jamie Torres

Council District 3
Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval

Council District 7
Councilman Jolon Clark


Steering Committee

  • Jon Koneman, Barnum
  • Kaye Kavanagh, Barnum
  • Bree Davies, Barnum
  • RB Fast, Barnum West
  • Chala Mohr, Barnum West
  • Crystal Reed, Barnum West
  • Jeanne Granville, Sun Valley
  • Tamil Maldonado, Sun Valley
  • Lisa Saenz, Sun Valley
  • Maureen McCanna, Valverde
  • Dannie Dilonno, Valverde
  • Brien Darby, Valverde
  • Sean Brady, Villa Park
  • Jaime Aguilar, Villa Park
  • Korey Whitaker, Villa Park
  • Jessica Dominguez, West Colfax
  • Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg/Ephraim A. Bulow, West Colfax
  • Dan Shah, Small Business Retention and Development
  • Veronica Barela, Affordable Housing Development Expert
  • Adriana Peña, DPS Latinx Community Outreach Specialist






Project Archive

Community Meetings and Office Hours

Below are listed all the community meetings, workshops, office hours and pop-up events hosted by the planning team.  

Event and location Date Materials

West Area Plan Kickoff
Newlon Elementary School
361 Vrain Street, Denver

10/5/2019 Presentation(PDF)
Meeting #2 and Housing Resource Fair

Lake Middle School
1820 Lowell Boulevard, Denver



Self-guided Online Open House 6/25/2020 - 8/21/2020

Open house materials


Virtual Information Sessions on ADUs

  • 10/20/2021
  • 10/23/2021
  • 10/27/2021
  • 10/30/2021


Virtual Community Office Hours
  • 10 a.m.- noon, 8/6/2020
  • 9-11 a.m., 8/8/2020
  • 8-10 a.m., 8/13/2020
  • 9-11 a.m., 8/15/2020
  • 3:30-5:30 p.m., 8/18/2020
  • 11 a.m.-1 p.m., 8/21/2020
  • Noon-2p.m., 8/25/2020
  • 3-5 p.m., 8/28/2020
  • 11:30-1:30 p.m., 9/2/2020
  • Noon-2 p.m., 9/9/2020
  • 1-2 p.m., 5/17/2021
  • 9-10 a.m., 5/22/2021
  • 4-5 p.m., 5/24/2021
  • Noon-1 p.m., 6/3/2021
  • 9-10 a.m., 6/5/2021
  • 4-5 p.m., 6/7/2021
  • Noon-1 p.m., 6/10/2021
  • 9-10 a.m., 6/12/2021
  • 4-5 p.m., 6/14/2021
  • Noon-1 p.m., 6/17/2021
  • 4-5 p.m., 6/21/2021
  • Noon-1 p.m., 6/24/2021

Steering Committee Meetings

Event Date Materials

Meeting #1

Meeting #2 10/17/2019
Meeting #3 11/21/2019
Meeting #4 12/19/19
Meeting #5 1/16/20
Meeting #6 2/20/20
Meeting #7 3/19/20
Meeting #8 4/16/20
Meeting #9 5/21/20
Meeting #10 6/18/20
Meeting #11 7/16/20
Meeting #12 8/20/20
Meeting #13 9/17/20
Meeting #14 10/15/20
Meeting #15 1/28/21
Meeting #16 2/18/21
Meeting #17 3/18/21
Meeting #18 4/15/21
Meeting #19 5/20/21
Meeting #20 6/17/21
Meeting #21


Other Neighborhood Meetings and Events

Listed below are (1) meetings hosted by West Area neighborhood groups and organizations, or other City of Denver departments or teams that West Area Plan team members attended, (2) community events at which the plan had a booth/table or was part of a larger booth or table representing the City of Denver, and (3) stakeholder conversations convened or hosted by West Area organizations. 

  • 9/11/2019 - Valverde Elementary Parent Teacher Leadership Team
  • 10/8/2019 - WeCAN RNO Meeting
  • 10/23/2019 - West Colfax BID Cloverleaf Community Meeting
  • 11/12/2019 - Barnum RNO Meeting
  • 11/12/2019 - Commander Advisory Board Meeting District 4 PD
  • 11/13/2019 - Sloan's Lake Citizen Group Meeting
  • 11/13/2019 - Community Meeting at Congregation Zera Avraham
  • 11/22/2019 - Presentation to Seniors at Casa de Rosal
  • 12/14/2019 - West Area Plan "Community Conversations" Existing Conditions Digital Survey 
  • 12/17/2019 - Westridge Community Meeting
  • 1/25/2020 - Far East Center Chinese New Year Celebration 
  • 2/13/2020 - Work Session #1 Housing and Land Use
  • 3/3/2020 – Mobility Work Session
  • 3/5/2020 - West Mobility/NTMP Work Session
  • 3/31/2020 - Food/Food Systems Work Session
  • 7/30/2020 - Recommendations Workshop (North and South of 6th)
  • 8/4/2020 - Sun Valley RNO Presentation on NPI West
  • 8/13/2020 - Recommendations Workshop (North and South of 6th)
  • 8/27/2020 - Stadium Development Master Plan Meeting
  • 9/21/2020 - WDCLC Quarterly Meeting Update
  • 10/7/2020 - CPD West Area Plan Understanding Displacement Panel
  • 6/26/2021 - Valverde Neighborhood Park Clean up and Storytelling Event
  • 7/24/2021 - Valverde Movement Project: Youth Activities Pop-Up
  • 7/31/2021 – Co-Op at 1st Ave Farmer’s Market Event & Resource Fair
  • 8/7/2021 - Valverde Movement Project "Getting Around" (aka Mobility) Pop-Up
  • 8/24/2021 - Athmar Park Neighborhood Association Meeting
  • 8/25/2021 - Villa Park Neighborhood Association Meeting
  • 8/28/2021 - Villa Park Movie Night
  • 9/7/2021 - Sun Valley Coalition Meeting
  • 9/10/2021 - Sun Valley Farmers Market Block Party 
  • 10/16/2021: Valverde Neighborhood Association