Temporary Uses

The Denver Zoning Code (DZC) differentiates between primary uses, accessory uses, and temporary uses. A zoning permit for a temporary use authorizes the use for a limited duration of time. Other city permits or licenses may also be necessary depending on your activity.

A temporary zoning use permit is required for all of the activities listed below.

Please refer to Article 11 of the Denver Zoning Code (DZC) to view the specific limitations and standards that may apply to your temporary use.

What to submit

Submit a written project narrative with your online application that includes the following:

  • Name of business
  • Scope of work
  • Hours of operation
  • Type of activities
  • How you plan to address any use limitations
    • Note: There is no required length for the narrative, but you should provide as much detail as possible.

Please include a property legal description, and if you are not the property owner, submit a notarized letter from the property owner with your application. View a sample.(PDF, 111KB)

Submit a site plan that includes the following:

  • Identify all structures on site
  • North arrow
  • Dimension all setbacks and required buffers, if applicable
  • Identify the number of parking stalls, parking aisles, and provide dimensions
  • Identify all items from the proposed scope of work in graphic form
  • Label all adjacent streets and alleys
  • Provide business name, site address, applicant and date on all plans
  • Location of any temporary structure or equipment related to the temporary use

View a sample site plan(PDF, 861KB).

Description and limitations by use type

Ambulance Service

Dispatching and storage of ambulances.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.2 & FC 59 59-86 


Admission-based amusement, entertainment, or recreation attraction (excluding motorized rides unless it is more than 500 feet from a residential zone district).

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.3 & FC 59 59-86 

Bazaar, Carnival, Circus, or Special Event

Circus or other events open to the general public, often upon payment of a fee, or nonprofit or government entity-sponsored bazaar/market.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.4 & FC 59 59-86  

Building or Yard for Construction Materials

Screened storage of construction equipment and excavated materials necessary for a specific construction project.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.5 & FC 59 59-81 (a)

Concrete, Asphalt, and Rock Crushing Facility

Processing of concrete, asphalt, and rock incidental to a specific construction or demolition project.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.6 & FC 59 59-81 (e)

Fence for Demolition or Construction Work

Installing a 6-foot security fence around an active construction or demolition site.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.7 & FC 59 59-81 (b)

Health Care Center

Temporary health services facility.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.8 & FC 59 59-86 (a)(3)

Noncommercial Concrete Batching Plant

Processing of concrete for a specific construction project.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.9 & FC 59 59-81 (c) 

Outdoor Retail Sales - Pedestrian/Transit Mall

Outdoor (not fully enclosed) retail sales and display of goods located within 125 feet of a pedestrian and/or transit mall (e.g. the downtown 16th Street Mall) including, for example, the sale of books, clothing, food, flowers, artwork, crafts, and similar goods.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.10

Outdoor Retail Sales

Outdoor (not fully enclosed) retail sales, which must be operated as an extension of a primary retail sales use on the same zone lot.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.11 & FC 59 59-86

Outdoor Sales, Seasonal

Outdoor (not fully enclosed) retail sales of trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, or other similar foods or prepared food products, which can be conducted by a single person or multiple persons on the same zone lot. However, these sales must not be an extension of any primary retail sales uses on the same zone lot. This category includes:

  • The sale of Christmas trees, wreaths, and related holiday items (e.g. Christmas tree lot)
  • The sale of plants or horticulture items within a temporary structure, not a motor vehicle trailer
  • All other temporary, seasonal, outdoor sales (e.g. outdoor farmers’ markets and other seasonal sales of foods, fruits and vegetables, such as roasted chilies and corn)

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.12 & FC 59 59-86

Parking Lot Designated for a Special Event

Legally established, off-street parking area temporarily designated for a special event.

View permit instructions

Food Truck

Movable, motorized-wheeled or towed-wheeled vehicle designed and equipped to serve food. A zoning permit is only required when it operates on private property. You will also need to apply for a business license.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.14 & FC 59 59-86

Temporary Construction Office

Construction office for a specific construction project. A copy of the active construction permit, or current permit number, is required before the temporary use permit can be issued.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.15 & FC 59 59-81 (d)

Temporary Real Estate Sales Office

Real estate office needed for the sale or rental of dwelling units within a project under construction, rehabilitation or recently completed, which is incidental and necessary to sale of units at that location.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.16 & FC 59 59-86

Temporary Tiny Home Village

Tiny homes to provide housing for people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless.

View permit instructions

Tent for Religious Services

Temporary outdoor religious venue, which are only allowed in campus (“CMP”), industrial (“I”), and certain open space (“OS-B”) zone districts.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.18 & FC 59 59-86

Unlisted Temporary Use

Other temporary uses that are not specifically listed in the zoning code. These may be approved through a process for determining unlisted uses, per DZC section 11.11.1.

Subject to limitations: DZC 11.11.1

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