Zone Lot Amendments

A "zone lot" is a buildable piece of land. An approved zone lot will meet zoning code requirements for minimum size, minimum width, required frontage on a public street, and in some cases, limits on structures and uses.

Zone lot boundaries may be changed if the proposed new zone lot(s) will meet the regulations of the zone district in which the property is located.

Note: The last day to record an owner’s request for reconfiguration form with the Clerk & Recorder’s Office affecting real property parcels in 2023 is October 31, 2023. Reconfiguration request forms recorded with the Clerk & Recorder’s Office after October 31, 2023 will not be processed until 2024. Learn More >>

Before You Begin

Zone lots versus tax parcels

Denver uses a “parcel” to levy and collect property taxes. A zone lot could have the same boundaries as a tax parcel but could also contain multiple tax parcels or only portions of a tax parcel. A simple example of this is a duplex property. A duplex is one structure generally located on a single zone lot, but with two tax parcels. Some situations may be more complex, and city staff will help you navigate these.

Download brochure: Will My Proposed Assessor’s Parcel(s) Comply with Denver Zoning Rules?(PDF, 131KB)

Demolition may be necessary

If the proposed zone lot amendment will leave behind an accessory structure (like a garage, shed, or fence) by itself or will divide an existing structure between two or more new zone lots, such structures must be demolished before the zone lot amendment application can be approved.

Landmark and historic district properties

Landmark Preservation reviews applications for zone lot amendments for all individual landmarks and properties located in a historic district to determine whether the zone lot combination or split adversely affects the historic character and historic development patterns of the landmark or historic district.

How to Apply

Pre-Application Meeting

Step 1.Optional: Consider Meeting With City Staff

A pre-application meeting is highly recommended for applicants who are:

  • requesting a zone lot amendment for the first time,
  • requesting a zone lot amendment for a property that lies within an historic district or contains a structure that has been designated as an historic landmark,
  • proposing a change to a commercial or multifamily property, or
  • proposing to leave an existing structure of any type behind after the zone lot amendment.

This meeting is beneficial for discussing potential hurdles, survey requirements, and other implications before formally applying for a zone lot amendment.

Step 2.Gather Required Documents

  • A basic drawing that shows what you hope to accomplish with the zone lot amendment
  • Any other helpful attachments

Step 3.Request a Pre-Application Meeting

Visit e-permits (new users will need to create an account) to submit your request. In e-permits, select Development Services > Apply for a Permit, then select "Zone Lot Amendment" and follow the prompts to submit contact information, project details, and upload documents. 

Note: If your property is a landmark or in a historic district, you can request a joint meeting with zoning and landmark staff. Please note this when requesting your pre-application meeting.

Request a pre-application meeting

Formal Application

Step 1.Gather Required Documents

  • If an existing structure will remain, submit Improvement Survey Plats(PDF, 145KB) (ISPs) produced by a surveyor for existing and proposed conditions. Be sure to use the label “zone lot” rather than “parcel” on the drawings and in the legal description. View examples(PDF, 1MB).
    • Surveys and site plans should include the address, legal description, scale and north arrow, location of streets, sidewalks, alleys, easements, property lines, and structures including fences, retaining walls, stairways, ramps, driveways, mechanical units, etc.
    • Note: ISPs are not required when no structures will remain on the proposed zone lots, but legal descriptions and illustrations are required for all zone lot amendments. Improvement Location Certificates will not be accepted.
  • If any part of a single-family or duplex dwelling or accessory structure will be within 5 feet of the new zone lot line, or within 1 foot of the bulk plane, submit fully dimensioned building elevations showing base plane elevations and the maximum bulk plane lines measured from the proposed new zone lot line(s).

  • If an existing structure will remain, submit the calculated building coverage for each affected zone lot and reference the maximum building coverage standard for that building form in the Denver Zoning Code.

  • If your property is a landmark or located within a historic district, please upload the landmark design review application and checklist(PDF, 1MB) with your zone lot amendment application.

Step 2.Submit Application

After compiling all required documents, visit e-permits (new users will need to create an account) to submit your application. In e-permits, select Development Services > Apply for a Permit, then select "Zone Lot Amendment" and follow the prompts to submit contact information, project details, and upload documents.

Submit your formal application

Note: Your review will begin once all required documents have been received and fees have been paid.