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DENVER — The Denver City Council has elected Councilwoman Amanda P. Sandoval, who represents Council District 1, as the new council president on Monday. Councilwoman Diana Romero Campbell of Council District 4 was elected president pro tempore.

"I am deeply honored to have been elected president of the Denver City Council," Sandoval said. "Alongside my colleagues, who are dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate public servants, I am confident we will meet the challenge of crafting innovative solutions to address the numerous issues facing Denver residents. I want to express my gratitude to my family, mentors, friends, and everyone who believed in me along the way. I love Denver with every fiber of my being and am excited for the year ahead."

Council President Amanda P. Sandoval

Council President Amanda P. Sandoval

The City Council president is responsible for presiding over meetings, ensuring orderly conduct, and maintaining . They manage the legislative agenda, refer matters to appropriate committees, and serve as a key representative of the Council in interactions with other governmental bodies and the public. Additionally, the president has wide discretion in waiving certain procedural rules to facilitate the efficient functioning of the Council. The president pro tem acts in the absence of the president, upon the president’s inability to act, or upon the request of the president. In these instances, the president pro tem presides and has all of the powers and authority of the president.

The new president pro tem, Councilwoman Diana Romero Campbell said, "’I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve this council and Denver residents in this new way. I look forward to working alongside President Sandoval and my colleagues to build on the city that we all love. I want to particularly thank my colleagues for their trust and support.”

President Pro Tem Diana Romero Campbell

Sandoval replaces Councilwoman Jamie Torres of Council District 3 as president. Torres served two, one-year terms. who was elected to the position in 2022 and 2023. 


Note to Editor: Brief profiles and headshots of Council President  Amanda P. Sandoval and President Pro Tem Romero Campbell are available at the links below.

City Council President Amanda P. Sandoval Bio

Amanda P. Sandoval Official Photo

President Pro Tem Diana Romero Campbell Bio

Diana Romero Campbell Official Photo

See the schedule summary for the week of July 15, 2024


Public Hearings and Public Input Sessions in Committee

There are no public hearings or input sessions scheduled for the week of July 15, 2024

Audiencias públicas y sesiones de aportes públicos en el comité

No hay audiencias públicas ni sesiones de aportes programadas para la semana del 15 de julio de 2024

Denver — A new Denver City Council committee will focus on issues and work along the South Platte River corridor, which runs through the heart of Denver. The Council’s leadership, President Jamie Torres and President Pro Tem Amanda P. Sandoval, created the special-issue committee this week. Its first meeting is July 17, 2024.

The Council members believe the South Platte River has been an ignored natural asset for too long. As Denver aims to mitigate flood risks as well as contemplate new development along its banks, establishing a full picture of the impact on the city and the river is crucial. The committee will do that through its comprehensive focus and expertise. Each district where the river runs is represented on the committee, along with one at-large member.

The South Platte River was a lifeline with cultural significance to Native Americans for millennia. Since Denver was established as a city, the river valley has seen the rise of industry, housing, and more. Many long-time Denver residents remember the flood of 1965 that resulted in local fatalities and millions of dollars in damage. The council aims to ensure that such a disaster is never experienced again. In 2023, Denver signed an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers to receive an infusion of $350 million to help address flood risks along the South Platte River and two tributaries.

The Council members express a vision of the South Platte River’s future that holds it as a valued asset for the city once again. This increases the importance of knowing what development, park renovation, flood mitigation, ecological resiliency, and community engagement will be needed for the entire corridor to thrive.

Council President Torres gave examples from her district, "In District 3 alone, projects like the Waterway Resiliency Program, Sun Valley development, River Mile development, and potential projects at the Stadium District, Burnham Yard, and Ball Arena site must be contemplated as a whole system. This special issue committee will consolidate conversations about work and development along the river into one place."

Council President Pro Tem Sandoval added, “United by a commitment to environmental preservation and a determination to remedy the river's historical misuse, the committee's main objective is to rejuvenate the South Platte River, a key feature of Denver, ensuring its vitality and health. The vision is for the river to become a premier destination in Denver, serving as a sustainable and active community hub now and for the next seven generations.”
The committee members are:
District 1 - Amanda P. Sandoval
District 2 - Kevin Flynn
District 3 - Jamie Torres (Chair)
District 7 - Flor Alvidrez
District 9 - Darrell Watson
District 10 - Chris Hinds
At-Large - Sarah Parady (Vice Chair)

After the first meeting on July 17, the committee will meet the second Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m.

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