Amanda P. Sandoval

Councilwoman, District 1

Amanda P. Sandoval, Disctrict 1 councilwoman

Council President Amanda P. Sandoval was elected on June 4th, 2019, and was re-elected on April 4th, 2023, as the Denver City Council Member for District 1, Northwest Denver. She was elected to serve as Council President on July 15, 2024.

Councilwoman Sandoval was born and raised in the Northside where both her parents were involved in local-Colorado politics. Her father, the late State Senator Paul Sandoval, was co-owner of the famous restaurant La Casita. Her mother, Mary Helen Sandoval, ran several non-profits and was a prominent social justice advocate for the Denver community. 

Councilwoman Sandoval worked as a Council Aide for two former Denver City Councilmembers which strengthened her love for the Northside. Her devotion to public service was further solidified by the relationships she developed with community from serving Northwest Denver for more than a decade. Throughout her years serving community, some of Councilwoman Sandoval’s accomplishments include officially re-naming La Raza Park, using her land use expertise to rezone more than 70% of the Northside, being the first woman to Chair the 2022 redistricting process, and successfully leading the designation of La Raza Park as the 3rd Cultural Historic District in Denver.     

Councilwoman Sandoval is passionate about issues pertaining to land-use, small business development, and the preservation of the history and culture of the Northside. She is working to create a community where one honors the generations that came before and an environment where the next 7 generations can live a prosperous future.   

District 1 Neighborhoods include: 
Berkeley, Chaffee Park, Highland, Jefferson Park, Regis, Sloan's Lake, Sunnyside, West Highland and Union Station

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Councilwoman Sandoval publishes a land use update document each month that highlights important city projects, rezonings, and land use news particular to each District 1 neighborhood. Sign up for the Councilwoman's newsletter to get the update straight to your inbox each month or access current and past updates with the link below.

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are independent, smaller living spaces that are built behind or attached to a single-unit home. They are often called mother-in-law suites, granny flats, casitas, backyard cottages, garage apartments or basement apartments. An ADU has its own kitchen, bath and sleeping area, but is not considered a separate property and cannot be sold on its own. Many people want a separate space where elderly parents or kids living at home can still have independence, a space that can be rented out to generate income, or just to rent a smaller, more affordable space. ADUs are a low-impact way to meet these needs and expand housing options for people of all ages.

ADUs have been part of the fabric of Northwest Denver since the beginning. Unfortunately, there are gaps in where they are currently zoned for in District 1, which puts the burden of rezoning on individual homeowners. Councilwoman Sandoval is committed to expanding constituents' choice to build ADUs through neighborhood-wide rezonings that save owners the time and expense of one-off rezonings.

Current ADU projects:

Council members Parady, Hinds, and Watson have brought forth a proposal to allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in all residential areas of the city. Learn more by visiting the Citywide ADUs project webpage.

Completed neighborhood-wide ADU rezonings:

  • Berkeley & Sunnyside neighborhoods
  • Chaffee Park neighborhood
  • Regis neighborhood
  • Sloan's Lake neighborhood
  • West Highland neighborhood

Have questions about building an ADU?

Contact Community Planning and Development's residential plan review team:

More information about ADUs: