About Councilwoman Sawyer

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Amanda Sawyer is a licensed Colorado attorney who also has her Masters of Business Administration and more than a decade of experience in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and business strategy. You might recognize her as the Councilwoman with purple hair, which she always tells people, "I might drive a minivan but I still have my soul." 

Amanda has lived in Colorado off and on since 1989. A proud University of Colorado graduate, she and her former husband returned to Denver after living in both Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, so that they could raise their children near their family and friends. Councilwoman Sawyer is truly honored to represent our District 5 community!

Councilwoman Sawyer is a proud neighborhood advocate. She has been active in our community, working to:

  • Advocate for transit and mobility infrastructure upgrades throughout the city; from clean, safe, reliable public transit, to sidewalks, stoplights, and crosswalks so that our kids can get to school safely. 
  • Speak out against development for development’s sake. Councilwoman Sawyer believes that development must be thoughtful and fulfill a community need, or it isn’t worth the additional burden on the residents who currently live here. 
  • Find solutions to the environmental challenges that face Denver by advocating for legislation that preserves our green and open spaces, reduces our carbon footprint, and helps solve our climate crisis.
  • Represent the voices of the people who live in our neighborhoods by actively collaborating with residents to solve many of the challenges that face our local communities.


District 5 Neighborhoods include:

Cherry Creek, Country Club, Hale, Hilltop, Lowry Field, Montclair, Washington-Virginia Vale, and Windsor.