Comprehensive Plan 2040

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The Comprehensive Plan 2040 is underway.

What is the Plan?

Comprehensive Plan 2040 is the vision for Denver and its people. It reflects the voice of thousands of residents and is the guiding document for shaping the city we will become over the next twenty years. The plan is rooted in a strong planning tradition for our city. This tradition values what makes Denver great, including its diverse community, unique natural setting and rich history as the heart of the Rocky Mountain region.

The vision, composed of six vision elements, is the backbone of this plan. It knits together a set of long-term, integrated goals. The vision and goals provide a common language to connect the plans, policies and programs of multiple city departments.

How the Plan is Implemented?

City leaders, elected officials, staff and the community should look to Comprehensive Plan 2040 as the guide for important policies and decisions. The city will use the plan and its supplements to:

• Provide a framework and common goals for all city plans

• Guide policy decisions

• Inform changes to city regulations

• Inform the city’s resource and budgeting decisions

• Evaluate and measure progress toward achieving citywide goals

Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan here.