Sarah Parady

At-Large Council Member

Sarah Parady

Meet Council member Parady

Sarah is a trusted advocate for economic justice and workers’ rights. Her drive to serve on Denver City Council came from her belief that when we invest in each other, we all win.

Sarah began her career at Colorado Legal Services, fighting to protect older Coloradoans, young families, and other vulnerable homeowners from foreclosure. She then cofounded a small public interest law firm focused on representing Denver workers.

Before being elected to Denver City Council, Sarah was a go-to resource for policymakers fighting for the constitutional, civil, and workplace rights of their constituents, and was a primary drafter of the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which made Colorado a national leader in pay transparency. Her advocacy as an attorney led to a verdict believed to be the largest disability discrimination verdict in Colorado history, the return of hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen wages to 200 drywall workers on a luxury condo project, a seven-figure settlement for a family injured in a mistaken police raid, and a change in nationwide policy by the Centers for Disease Control leading to coverage for mammograms for low-income trans women, among many other outcomes.

Aside from her work, Sarah participates in mutual aid groups, shows up on picket lines, and mentors a broad range of young people. She has two small kids and lives in the Whittier neighborhood.