Building a strong OIM

Photo of the Denver City and County Building.

Ensuring a strong framework for the Office of the Independent Monitor  


Following many months of community advocacy, research, and collaboration among City and community partners, Councilmembers Jamie Torres, Stacie Gilmore, and Robin Kniech have put forth a proposed charter amendment to strengthen the independence of the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM). Developed in partnership with Citizen Oversight Board (COB) members, the proposed changes rose to the top as both requiring a legislative solution and significantly impacting the efficacy of the OIM. If this amendment is approved by City Council, it will then go on toa vote of the people of Denver on November 2, 2021.

The charter amendment that has been moved to the 2021 ballot includes 3 significant changes:

  1. Assign appointment authority of the Independent Monitor to the Citizen Oversight Board with City Council confirmation
  2. Give the Independent Monitor the ability to hire independent counsel
  3. Move the staff of Office of Independent Monitor to Career Service, and allow the Monitor up to two (2) staff appointments

 Supporters of these changes include:

  • Denver Justice Project
  • ACLU of Colorado
  • Together Colorado
  • NAACP Denver
  • Senator Julie Gonzalez & Representative Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez