District 6 Construction and Improvement Projects

District 6 Construction Projects 

1401 E. Arkansas/2000 S. Holly

CDOT Headquarters and the Region One site have moved to a new building near Colfax & Federal. State law requires properties owned by the State of Colorado to be offered first to local government entities.  The City and County of Denver exercised the option to acquire both 4201 E Arkansas Avenue and 2000 S Holly Street.  Denver selected Kentro Group to develop the two properties based on confidence in delivering a project beneficial to the community. 

1401 E. Arkansas

The affordable housing partnership received approval from CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority) for the application to build 150 units of deed restricted family apartments units. Kentro continues to work through the design and entitlement process with the City and County of Denver. Kentro is on schedule to have a permit and start construction by late summer or early fall of 2022. In addition, this project is in the final city review process to remove vehicles access from East Arkansas between Birch St and the alley way west of Clermont.   

For the main part of the site, Kentro continues to seek an anchor for the project. They are hoping to secure an anchor in 2022. Once the anchor is secured, programing will begin for the master plan.   

Learn more about the 1401 E. Arkansas project

2000 S. Holly

Townhome Project:   

Horizontal and Vertical construction continues for the 198 for-sale townhomes at 2000 S Holly Street. Horizontal improvement on the 1st phase and first sets of homes are expected to be delivered in 2nd quarter of 2022.     

Affordable Senior Project:   

Permits were issued and construction has commenced on the 62-unit senior housing project that will be deed restricted affordable and offer specific supportive services to accommodate seniors in the community. Construction completion and leasing is expected for 4th quarter of 2022. 

Learn more about the 2000 S. Holly project.

University Hills YMCA Redevelopment


The YMCA on Colorado Blvd will build a new campus that includes a new YMCA facility, housing, retail, community gathering spaces, and restaurant options. To learn more about the project and to find out when the next community meeting is scheduled, visit the redevelopment website

McWilliams Park Improvements

McWill PDF.jpg

Construction is now mobilized on-site at McWilliams Park along Yale Avenue (2701 E. Yale Avenue). Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) in conjunction with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is excited to see the project coming to fruition. Improvements include an updated picnic and playground area, including the refurbishment of the Dragon play feature. A new basketball court, walks along Yale Avenue, and a new irrigation system is also included. These improvements will require the picnic area and playground to be shut down for the majority of the summer. Currently, the project is scheduled to be completed by the Fall of 2022. We thank you in advance for your understanding!

Transportation & Mobility 

University Neighborhood Safer Street Project


Through multiple studies, including Denver Moves and the 2017 University/Colorado Multi-station Plan and Mobility Study, community members in the University Area have prioritized actions that would strengthen the connectivity and improve safety to and around the University and Colorado Station Areas.  Over the next several years, Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is designing and implementing numerous projects aimed at achieving these goals along Buchtel Boulevard from University Boulevard to Colorado Boulevard. Take a look at the project and learn about upcoming meetings. 


Community Planning & Development

Advancing Equity in Rezoning

This project will work on improving transparency and access to the rezoning process and explore how rezoning can lead to equitable outcomes that better serve all community members. You can learn more about important updates, who represents neighborhoods and organization, on the project website

Expanding Housing Affordability

This project will develop tools to encourage the construction of affordable and mixed-income housing across the city. You can learn more about the latest news, common questions, and other resources, on the project website. Take a look at the types of tools Community Planning & Development is exploring to accomplish housing affordability. 

Accessory Dwelling Units

View the project guide for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and learn more about the process. 


2021 RISE Denver Bond Program

During an economic downturn, General Obligation bonds can deliver infrastructure projects to create jobs and kick-start a slowed economy— it worked with the Great Recession and previous economic downturns dating back to at least the late 1980's.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, economies across the globe suffered some of the most severe economic impacts felt since the 1930's. Denver's recovery is just getting underway. To further stimulate our recovery Denver citizens voted to pass several RISE Denver initiatives that will fund city-wide projects including cultural institutions, the library, housing and sheltering, bike lanes, sidewalk construction, and parks. Click here to read more about the RISE Denver Bond program

You can visit the 2017 Elevate Denver GO Bond Program here: www.denvergov.org/elevatedenver.