Flor Alvidrez

Council member, District 7

For Alvidrez

Meet Councilwoman Alvidrez

I am a daughter of District 7. My childhood was full of adventures around the district, like visits to Huston Lake Park, Washington Park, and Athmar Park Library. Some of my earliest memories are of taking evening walks along the Platte River with my family and listening to the whistle of the train at night. After buying their first home in Athmar Park, my family was so content in District 7 that we only moved once - to the house across the street!

Southwest Denver has helped to shape the person I am today. It’s where I learned the value of community, hard work, and service. In fact, my first leadership role was being on the student council at Valverde Elementary School! I attended Denver Public Schools - Valverde Elementary, West Middle and High Schools - and when I bought my home, I bought it here in District 7. When my grandmother immigrated from Mexico in the 90s, she too made her home in the district. It’s my dream that my young son will someday also make his home here.

I am a small business owner and I attribute my entrepreneurial spirit to my parents. My family started a business in 1997 out of our basement. My father, Juan Alvidrez, a Mexican immigrant thrived in Denver; he got his GED from Emily Griffith and was able to build a career in construction, working his way up through the carpenters’ union. My mother, Cynthia Alvidrez, pushed my father to pursue his education, and together as a family we built a small concrete contracting company. Knowing that we all needed to do our part to support the family business, my first job was at our office on Pearl Street, in an old Victorian home next to my uncle’s dry cleaning business.

Later, while attending Metropolitan State and the Community College of Denver, I supported my studies by working at the US Bank on Mississippi & Broadway. I had to put my education on hold to help run the family business when my mom experienced a medical emergency. I had been studying to be a paralegal and had become familiar with law, legislation, and legal processes, and most importantly, learned how to be an advocate for my community. At the beginning of 2020, after a shooting took place on my street, I helped unite neighbors to talk about our safety. Former Councilman Jolon Clark was there to listen, and we came up with real solutions that made us feel safe again and gave the community time and space to grieve all the loss we experienced.

I know there are solutions to the problems we are facing, and I will advocate for our community. Crime has risen about 6% and that’s just since 2021. Inflation and the cost of living in Denver continue to rise, further exacerbating our housing crisis. Small businesses in the area continue to close. The path to the American dream that my family was able to achieve is dwindling, no longer an option for most. I ran for office because we need a leader who will deliver results and offer solutions to the big challenges facing our district and our growing city.