Southeast Denver Skatepark

skate park advocates.jpg

Southeast Denver residents are advocating for an inclusive skatepark and pump track where all ages and abilities can enjoy wheeled sports. Southeast Denver does not have a skatepark or pump track. Metro area skateparks are not easy to access without private means of transportation. It is long overdue to get a skatepark in the area, as interest in skateboarding and wheeled sports is stronger than ever! 

Kennedy Park is a great opportunity for a new skatepark and pump track as it is close to public transportation and other outdoor activities. Currently, a specific location is being identified that will be a good fit. Learn more about our efforts from this Westword article from March 2022.

We had a fun skatepark pop-up on June 5 at Kennedy Soccer Fields with 100s of people learning how to skate and enjoying camaraderie, tacos, music and art. Thanks to everyone who came out to learn more about skateboarding and our advocacy efforts. 

At this time we are thrilled to announce that Denver’s draft Outdoor Adventure Plan, set to be finalized later this year, has identified southeast Denver as a high priority for a new skatepark! This an important first step toward our ultimate goal of bringing a skatepark to southeast Denver. Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) will be looking at potential locations including Kennedy to determine feasibility. Please stay tuned for updates on the progress.