City Council Statement on the Interruption of General Comment May 13

Published on May 14, 2024

The Denver City Council and Council President Jamie Torres issued the following statement after the events at the General Public Comment Session on May 13, 2024.

Last night, the Denver City Council endured a cowardly and racist 'Zoom-bomber' who interrupted our General Public Comment when two African American youth were speaking about their community needs. The words were vile, as was the character of a person who would actively seek to say these words to two beautiful and courageous young girls. Speaking at the Denver City Council brings nervousness to adults every week, and these youth gathered the bravery to bring their voices to their City Council representatives to improve their school and community. We honor and praise these two young voices and condemn anyone who would attack them and any other member of our community. That they had to endure these racist actions and words in our chamber brings us pain, and we hope we can somehow give them a better memory in this chamber.

Unfortunately, we all know that we live in a world that spews hate regularly, and as we make rare space in General Public Comment for residents to address this council every Monday and most recently declared our pilot to prioritize young voices on the first Monday of each month, we actively invite speakers from all walks of life. We sit squarely in the space of democracy and civic participation and will continue to champion those ideals. The Denver City Council condemns any hate speech and wants those responsible to know it only serves to motivate us on City Council, two of whom are African-American, six of whom are Latina, and all of whom will continue to serve proudly as anti-racist council and community members.

The Office of Denver City Council administrative staff is working with the city's Office Technology Services to review logs and procedures and determine how the breach occurred, with the goal of preventing future incidents.

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