Denver City Council Press Room


Central Communications

The Office of Denver City Council has a deep respect for the role of a free press in our democracy. Truth, transparency, and accountability are essential to serving the public interest. The central communications office is here to help news organizations and journalists cover the council's work. This page will help journalists understand the workings of the council so you can identify stories, follow the legislative process, and access the resources you need. If there is something you'd like to see here, give us a call or shoot over an email. 

Serving the Public Interest

The central communications office serves the public interest by acting as an advocate for:

  • Public access to the legislative process.
  • The accurate portrayal of the actions of the council as a body and institution. 
  • Truth, transparency, and government accountability. 
  • The right of free expression and the promotion of the marketplace of ideas and viewpoints.

In doing so, the office represents the council as a body, with focus on:

  • The actions taken by the council.
  • The schedules, rules, and procedures of the council.
  • The details of matters before the council with an intent to inform and not to persuade. 
  • Strategies that positively promote civic engagement and municipal transparency by delivering accurate, consistent, and timely information.
  • Tools that make public access to the council's work easier.
  • Public education on the council's responsibilities, inner workings, rules, and how it fits into the larger municipal government.